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I'm very envious of everyone out there getting their Corgin lovin. I too hope to share that joy soon. I would like to know if anyone has breeders suggestions for Northern California. I've called most of the SF area breeders and received no response. Perhaps they don't have pups at the moment. However, I would love the opportunity to talk with a seasoned Corgi owner or breeder. 

Please note that I read Beth's post on "So you think you want a Corgi" and taken it to heart. My husband and I have discussed the points in Beth's post and believe this is dog for us...So please, if you have a referral, share it. Thanks!!!

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Take a look at the members list for the northern california corgi club. A breeder I contacted on their lead me to the breeder we got Ein from. 

Also, Nov 11 is the Corgi Faire (in Dixon) and there will be breeder referrals there.

Thanks, Ingrid, for the information on the Faire. I have left messages for 7 breeders from the Nor Cal Corgi Club and I haven't received any replies. If I may ask, what breeder did you Ein from?

I got Ein from Brnayr in Livermore. They were great to work with---emailed me back right away. I bought an adult dog from her though, not a puppy. When I inquired about their litter, I found out the mom of the pups was for sale, and that's how I got her. 

Be patient on responses from breeders---I think this time of the year there are a lot of shows, so they could be very busy or on the road. 

I would contact breeders now for the purpose of being put on their wait list for their spring litters. You're more likely to get a puppy that way!

The corgi faire would be a great way to get your corgi fix. HUNDREDS of corgis there! Tim Mathieson of Nebriowa Kennels is probably one of the best breeders on the west coast! His dogs are AMAZING. He is hard to get ahold of but I'm sure if you are able to go to the corgi faire you can get his information. Also, try calling/e-mailing the golden gate corgi cllub members again. Many are busy at shows and trials non-stop so they take a while to get back to you. They are all in contact with each other as well so if you get ahold of one and they don't have a litter planned they can tell you who does. Just an FYI, if you get a pup from a Corgi Club member be prepared to spend $1000.


Here's a list from PWCCA:


There are a few breeders I've seen here around Sacramento that have some very good dogs who also do health testing and show. They are smaller kennels though, but I do think they are on this list.

And last of all, be prepared to drive. Corgis in Northern California are VERY hard to come by. Many of the reputable breeders (if not all) who are members of the Golden Gate Corgi Club will have all their puppies sold before they are even born. I searched for almost 1 1/2 years for a pup while I was living in San Francisco and ended up getting Franklin from a breeder in Idaho. So be patient and willing to drive to central, southern, or eastern cali to get your pup because it may take months to years to get a pup local to you from a reputable breeder.

When we went looking for Mishka, we e-mailed the Golden Gate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers (their "outreach" e-mail address on the page Ingrid & Ein linked to).  We got a response within a few days about who had puppies currently or due soon, and ended up getting Mishka from Brnayr (Anne Marie Buonanno) in Livermore.  He's a great temperament match for us - I think she judged us and her pup well.

Hey, Ein is from Brnayr!! Do you remember who Mishka's dam was? When Ein was with Anne Marie, her name was Bon Bon. She had a couple litters before we got her (we got her as an adult this past June).

Mishka's dam is Mystic - we got him in 2010.  Small world!  We've also bumped into a few other Brynayr pups at the South Bay meetups.  :)  Planning to go to the Dixon Faire - will keep an eye out for you.

Hi fellow Brnayr pups!  We got Isabella from Anne Marie and Vicky too!  I was referred to them by the Golden Gate Corgi Group.  Karla, the member who gave me the list at the time to help me find a puppy is Rebecca Lane.  She now lives in Oakdale, CA.  I believe she is planning on some cardis in 2013 and a pembroke litter in 2014.  We've been wanting another Corgi and I have considered contacting Ann Marie to see when they might have more puppies.  At any rate, our experience was great and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.  Here is their contact info: 

11050 Tesla Road
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 449-3339-Home
(925) 449-1867-Work
(925) 200-1652-Cell
(925) 454-9790-FAX


If Rebecca was planning  a litter sooner, I'd consider her pups as well.  Her website is

Hi Molly and Isabella -

We now have a wonderful little Corgi puppy from Brnayr. She is certainly a sassy little darling at 14 weeks. Thanks for the recommendation.

You are so welcome, Karla! I'm happy you found a puppy! Shasta is a cutie. I can't wait to see more pics. Ha ha ~ Isabella's registered name is "Brnayr Sassy Lady Isabella". My hopes for a second Corgi have been dashed. We recently adopted a 4 year old German Shepherd. She and Isabella get along great and she has the best temperament, so everyone is happy.

I've been seeing corgi puppies advertised in the on the classifieds.  I'm obsessed!  I know I can't afford another one but, I can't help not keeping an eye out for puppies!

One listing was listed on Oct. 4th and one on Oct. 11. Let me share the links with you:


I don't know if you're looking for well-known breeders or what but, I just stumbled onto my breeder on and they're not well-known breeders but, they're wonderful breeders.  Chuckie came with AKC papers, pedigree, and a contract. 


Thanks, Mia, for the links. I'll certainly take a peak. Chuckie is very handsome.


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