I'm naively hoping that the appeareance in The King's Speech of two, healthy looking, good tempered Corgis, will go some way to a revival in the UK of what is an endangered breed. I find there is still a view that they are fat, grumpy lapdogs, which I'm afraid some of the Queen's dog have been/are! When I tell dog walkers that they are one of the oldest working breeds in Britain, they are very surprised. Anyway, I'll keep waving the Corgi flag.

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Queen Elizabeth (George VI's Wife NOT Elizabeth II, her daughter) brought the first Pembroke Welsh Corgi to the Royal Family (Susan).  I really enjoyed them being shown as family dogs, wantering around the palace at will.  Their Royal Highnesses George VI and Queen Elizabeth were the rock of the British people during a horrible war.  This and their connections to corgis have always made them my favorite British monrchs.  Even today, I think Queen Elizabeth's (II) relationship with her dogs is one of the most normal things she does.   Thankfully, it's said the Queen is no longer breeding Corgis (she cross bred them with dachhunds, also; producing Dorgis which I never cared for).

Attached is a picture of the family and their dogs.

Keep waving the flag even though it's not such a problem belonging to a very exclusive club.  The only thing I've noticed is that now people actually know and exclaim instead of ask what type of dogs they are.

Nice pic...makes them look almost like a normal family. There was talk at one time here that the Queen might be going in to the breeding of pure Cardigans, as she was concerned with the extremely low numbers left here in the UK, but it hasn't transpired...think she just feels too old and past it...know how she feels!

Me, too.  As much as I love and have always had Pembrokes, my husband and I continuously battle about breeding them.  Our newest baby, Molly, is the current trend in the US -- a tri-color pembroke (there were very few of these even 10 years ago).  She is so athletic looking.  Her father, also a tri, is one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen but I am having Molly spayed since I think it will be healthier for her and her parents will have other litters.  I just can't imagine having those adorable puppies and then having to 'give' (sell) them away!

We did almost go with a Cardi, this time -- then we saw Molly.  She is like the perfect mix (of pembroke and cargi those she is purebred pembroke), standard size (30 lbs) and very much more athletic than my other corgis.   

Isn't the Cotswolds where Beatrix Potter lived?  I saw a couple of movies about her and the area and it looks like the most beautiful place on Earth!


All my pembrokes had their tails docked and dew claws removed by the breeder at an extemely early age.   I consider it to be much like human circumcision rather some affectation.  There are reasons why these things have been done for centuries.  As you said, farmers found it safer to have this done to protect them in their work.  While our dogs live a rather more delicate life, I have seen many breeds (and non-purebreds) have problems with dew claws. 


Beatrix Potter lived in the Lake District in Cumbria....up North from here about 200 miles. It is indeed beautiful up there...I was walking over hills and mountains there last summer. However, the Cotswolds is beautiful too....classic rolling English landscape ...we're virtually on the Welsh borders and not too far from where the Corgis originated! 

I love Beatrix Potter's work!  I admire her campaign to try and preserve that beautiful area.


I'm confused.  Elizabeth I was the last of the Tudors.  One of the girls pictured above is Elizabeth II.  Is the dark-haired woman pictured above George VI's wife?  What is her name and title?

The dog at left is unlike any corgi I've seen.  No white at all, not even on feet or belly.  I note that Fox has little white, also, and his red seems darker than what I see here in western USA.

I'd thought that the dorgis were a... um... er... "mistake"....?

What a burden, to lead a people through such a nightmare... had it been me, I'd have been hugging the corgis at night, when nobody was looking.... nothing like a dog to anchor you to sanity.  Wonder if Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or Franco ever had a dog?

Elizabeth II is a Windsor, not a Tudor.  George VI's wife and Elizabeth II's mother was also an Elizabeth, HRH the Queen and then, after George VI died and Elizabeth II became HRH Queen of England, her mother was fondly known as the "Queen Mother" or "Queen Mum.  Their Royal Highnesses have at least four names.  George VI was actually Albert (known as Bertie) Frederick Arthur George .   Prince of Wales, Charles can choose any of his names; Charles, Philip, Arthur or George.  As heirs, they are named with options that are family and therefore royal names. 



Hitler had a dog that he dearly loved- her name was Blondi (a German Shepherd).  He actually killed her to test the cyanide capsules that he and his wife, Eva, were going to use to end their lives. Eva had Scottish Terriers, but they were shot by Hitler's personal dog handler the day of the suicides along with Blondi's puppies. Very sad, but I'm quite convinced that they would have suffered a worse fate if they had been found by the Soviets when they captured the Reichstag. 

Since my husband is from the UK and son still lives in Bristol we travel over there 2 or 3 times a year.  We have traveled the canals by boat and driven all over Wales and England.  In the last 6 years we have only seen one Corgi, that was in Stratford on Avon. We had to stop and give some love and get corgi kisses. We really wish we could take our boys on our trips, so people could see what wonderful dogs they are.  "Keep waving that Corgi flag"


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