I havent been able to find much on this, My corgi loves to run and so do I but I was curious if it would be ok for him to run with me for say a mile or 2 run?

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My neighbor runs regularly with his Cardigan Corgi. The cardi is about 12 and still does well. I am not a runner but walk 2-3 miles with mine with no problems at all. I think as long as he is not still a baby it would be good for him.
As long as you build him up properly, consider the surface you are running on and the weather. Some dogs do drag their feet a bit so keep an eye on his nails and the pads of his feet. Young healthy corgis would love to add this to their life. They would begin to look forward to this time spent just with them and probably be a much more attentive and relaxed companion in the home.
How old is your Corgi? As long as he is over a year (they are not supposed to run distances until a year because of little bones still growing), it should be fine as long as you slowly build his distance up. Maybe start with half a mile or a mile, and then add a half mile every 5-7 days. Just like with humans, you have to start out slow and build up to avoid injury. Have fun! I'm sure your boy will appreciate the exercise!!
aww that's a great idea. yep, just as long as your corgi's not too young of a pup you should be just fine :) ein loves to run but when we run with him he barks because he's too excited. lol.
I had to laugh at your post.. what a personality you Ein has... he barks when you run because he's excited.. that is funny.. I love corgi personalities... :-)
I think it would be great for him! Since corgis are herding dogs and are very energetic they have a need to get that energy out. Just remember that he's over 1 and that you build his stamina up. Happy running!!
Ok so I just looked at your profile and saw that your beautiful boy is 2...lol. So just make sure you build up his stamina and you should have a perfect running partner who will love the extra time he gets to spend with you!!
Sadie (almost 8 months) and I go on regular walks but she also enjoys a little run during our walks. I let her initiate it and we run for as long as she wants, which is for a long tim sometimes, and then we go back to walking. So I guess you can say we do a version of intervals on our walks, haha.
Of course they are good for running, I have seen Corgis running with their human all the time here. Just make sure YOU are in a good shape I have heard Corgi can run with their human for 10 mile at a time!!
I used to take Cooper running and rollerblading with me and he kept on going and going. He is a Cardi but has longer legs. Uno on the other hand I have a feeling would not be able to keep up for as long.
Owen and I run occassionally when I need to work out and take him for exercise due to time constraints. Sometimes he is a bit lazy or easily distracted. The best lately has been off leash at the dog park and getting him to run at my pace. There is a trail around the edge of the park and we will run that together.


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