Hey guys! 

When is it too cold to let your corgi swim? Will he get in the water anyway if it is too cold for him? I'd like to take him to the off-leash portion near the lake, but I don't want him to jump in the water if it's too cold. 

Opinions? Knowledge? Ideas? :)

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Franklin always swims doesn't matter the weather. I'm in California so generally coldest it would be here would be around 35ish and that's rare. I do have to watch him in winter for him shivering when swimming then I make him stop and warm up. He overheats in any temp so I can't keep him out of water bc that his how he cools himself during an episode.

So do you think at about 45-50 degrees it's safe if he gets in the water? 

well I know Frank swims in 45-50 degrees quite regularly. Also, in the bay area, our ocean rarely gets above about 50ish and dogs are swimming in that water all the time. I think its fine, just watch for shivering. Frank has been doing this his whole life and I've never had an issue.


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