Lilibet doesn't shed. We have neighbor corgis that when they shake or just walk, hair flies off. Not so with Lilibet. Instead she blows her coat about once a year around March, I think. Right now I am beginning to see little tufts of hair on her legs that I can pull slightly and they will come out. So from March through April I can expect to comb her every day with one of those undercoat rake type combs. Each time I get arm loads of white soft undercoat (Lilibet is a tri) that I throw in the woods for the birds to nest with (my idea - not the birds). The rest of the year Lilibet can get on the furniture or our bed and hardly leave a hair! We pick her up all the time and don't worry about the hair - she basically doesn't shed! Does anyone else out there have a corgi that doesn't shed all the time?

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I dont have one thats for sure! What is your secret?? :) Any special diet?
My husband thinks it has to do with a lot of exercise - she walks about 2-3 miles most days besides all the running around. We feed her Bil-Jack dry food 1/3 cup twice a day - and never table food. But sometimes after hearing about the bad reputation of corgis, I wonder if the food has glue in it! Her coat is really thick and nice.
We feed LO Bil jack, I will have to check out his shedding.
Wow how lucky are you!!! I could make a coat with all the fur I get off of Maggie. I furminate her twice a week plus brush her daily and I still get tons of fur.
Dax can THINK about jumping on the couch and its full of fur! I swear I think he rubs himself all over everything on purpose. Heh. You are one lucky corgi owner if she doesn't shed. Enjoy it, you will be the envy of all of us!
I guess Lilibet wants to be everyone's envy - she's the Queen!
hmmm...well juneaux sheds a little, but not nearly as much as other dogs we've had. she will leave a few hairs here and there, like when she's napping next to us, but not so much, just a few stray hairs. of course the summer could be a whole other story. i like to think its her dog food, but only the hot and humid weather will tell.
I would think that the hot weather (and we have plenty here in Maryland) is the cause for Lilibet blowing her coat in chunks like a horse losing a winter coat so that it thins out rather than constant shedding --- but she does it late winter/early spring rather than just before summer - guess she wants to be ready!
Sidney is like Lilibet. I mean, he does lose some fur, but not a lot at all. We have three dogs and two cats, so there is still plenty of fur lying around, but when we pet Sidney not a lot of fur comes off. We'll have to see how he does now that the hot weather is coming. Now my corgi/elkhound mix sheds a LOT. I can pull tufts of fur off of him, though he hates it when I do that.

Sidney eats Wellness Super 5 with a scoop of Merrick's Wing-A-Ling canned on top. Crazy how he loves that stuff!
Glad to know that there exists another corgi like Lilibet! Can't wait to hear how many others there are. Never heard of Merrick's Wing-A-Ling - ???
Hey Izzy, here is a link to the wingaling:

Check out the other flavors. They are so awesome and Sidney loves them. His other favorite is Brauts-n-Tots
Sidney has to be one special member of the family! I think the food seems very expensive and to see Lilibet run for her kibble you would think it was the best - she scarfs it down - no need to change - but I will check it out at a store near us (saw the web site) ---and I thought bil-Jack was top of the line!


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