Lilibet doesn't shed. We have neighbor corgis that when they shake or just walk, hair flies off. Not so with Lilibet. Instead she blows her coat about once a year around March, I think. Right now I am beginning to see little tufts of hair on her legs that I can pull slightly and they will come out. So from March through April I can expect to comb her every day with one of those undercoat rake type combs. Each time I get arm loads of white soft undercoat (Lilibet is a tri) that I throw in the woods for the birds to nest with (my idea - not the birds). The rest of the year Lilibet can get on the furniture or our bed and hardly leave a hair! We pick her up all the time and don't worry about the hair - she basically doesn't shed! Does anyone else out there have a corgi that doesn't shed all the time?

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Penny sheds year round but not that much...but right now it is horrid...everything in my house is can see it flying around in the wardrobe all looks like chasmere...I'm assuming she is blowing her winter coat but also wonder if it has to do with the stress from her surgery? (she was spayed last Wed).
Anesthesia can make dogs blow coat, and so can the hormone changes that come with the spay.
Maddie looked like a skinned rat after she was spayed. I have never seen so much hair in my life. The poor thing looked pathetic.
When we got Vivi, we thought his shedding wasn't as bad as everyone is saying. I think he's the type that sheds a little most of the time, then blows his coat around this time of the year. He's getting those little tufts of undercoat sticking out near his tail now, and I can't help but pull them out.. Haha. I'm furminating him every few days or when we start to notice the tufts.
Good morning Maggie is a non-shedder also. She has the most beautiful, shiny, silky coat. Even her vet has commented on how little she sheds. I feed Maggie 1/3 cup Taste of the Wild (a grain-fee diet) twice a day; I will add salmon oil, pumpkin and one of the following to each meal: bananas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples. I, too, will use the undercoat rake on Maggie (who is also a tri) and remove lots of hair. From now on, I will leave it outside for the birds...I never thought of doing that before.
Lucy is our first Corgi that only blows her coat once a year. It's a real pleasure. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with diet or exercise, as her regimen is the same as all our Corgis, who shed year-round, every day––and probably in their sleep! :):):)
Our corgis don't shed, bark, stink, dig, fight, chew furniture, have fleas, bite the mail carrier, eat garbage, throw up on the floor, or cheat on taxes, and their poop don't stink. I'm the Queen of Sheba.

who needs sheep?

LOL. Lucy cheats on taxes.
Hah! My husband said that after I left for work this morning, the dogs chased each other for a minute and then Jack inexplicably made a bee-line for the upstairs (they normally don't go upstairs). We think he was on his way up to make some changes on E-Trade, but perhaps he WAS going to cheat on his taxes!
hahaha. you never can tell what a corgi will do!
@Beth- So who's smarter at e-trades, the babies or Jack? My money's on Jack! Or then again, maybe Jack was heading upstairs to email Lucy.
Just goes to show us that we weren't all created equal!!! Shed or no shed, etc :) The Queen of Sheba...hmmmm...not sure about that. Beautiful kids. Are these pups Al and Gwynnie? Wouldn't it be nice to have a sweater made of that gorgeous fur! I'm wondering if adjusting to temp (inside-outside) would have anything to do with shedding.
Lori says dog hair doesn't spin well, but the local Pacific NW natives had a (sadly extinct) dog breed kept for its fur. They wove it into their clothing. We don't have to weave it into our clothing; it's already in everything.


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