What's the verdict here? I'm hearing mixed things from people.
Atlas is the ultimate velcro dog, he has to be with me, at all times. If I get up to go to the bathroom, he comes in with me, if I'm doing the dishes, he lays on the floor touching my legs, he will not stay in a room unless I'm in there with him.

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i think they are. Dragster is so loyal to me. Just like you said if i go even to the bathroom he's there. He will even try and nudge the door open! i wouldn't have it any other way :D
I've made the "mistake" of closing the door before Atlas has had the chance to get in, at my GF's apartment the door doesn't stay shut so well, so Atlas opens the door on me quite often.
Coven is crazy attached to me. When I leave him home and someone is home with him, he wines 'till i get back. If i'm on the couch, he has to be on the couch. if i'm in my bedroom, he has to be in my bedroom. Otherwise he barks and wines. I personally love it. He's deff a mother's boy (:
Bertie has to know where I am at all times. He follows me from room to room, lies in front of the shower while I'm in it, and is so sad when I leave him alone that he won't eat the cookie I often leave him (and this is a guy who likes his cookies!). But not exactly velcro -- he doesn't want to be right next to me, he doesn't need to be petted constantly, he just likes to be near me... Ethel is more of a yo-yo. If I'm home, she likes to snooze in her crate in my bedroom, but she has Radar Ears that inform her if I am putting on shoes (walkies!), opening a drawer (treats!) or, best of all, clinking a spoon in a bowl (oh, I'll clean that bowl for you!) and she comes running at top speed. If left behind with cookie, believe me, the cookie is devoured before the door has slammed shut. But she likes to sit WITH me too -- she will snuggle, sleep on the bed, etc. -- Bertie will have none of that. And they both assume that all phone calls involve them -- they assume I am planning a playdate for them, and run to the door when the phone rings!
Jasper is velcro in the sense that he follows me everywhere and usually doesn't stay in the room if I leave. If I close a door on him I can hear his little sniffles and snorts under the door. He likes to be near me but isn't very "snuggly". He'll let me snuggle him for a little and he'll lay on my lap for a few minutes, but he usually gets up and walks a couple feet away and lays down.
The sniffles and snorts part made me laugh, I even sometimes catch a glimpse of Atlas's gray (he's a bluie) nose sometimes poking under the door.
ein is the same way :) he just loves to follow me around. i don't mind it at all since i'm so used to it since his big sis (our 19 month old daugther) is the same way. so its like a parade when i go to the kitchen, they'll both be close behind. if we're all pretty busy doing our own thing ein will put himself to bed but if we get up for any reason he'll come running into the room so that he doesn't miss anything interesting.
Turtle is very independent and the only time he'll stay in the same room is if he's in the mood to watch TV. Steve on the other hand is a velcro. He acts like I have a leash on him in the house because he'll follow me everywhere. If I go to the back yard and leave him in the house he'll follow me from inside the house. My friends jokingly call him Stalker Steve ha ha ha.
Yes, I would agree Lance is also a velcro dog, he likes to know where I am at all times and if I sit down on the couch hes right there to cuddle with me. : ) He also likes to sneak in the bathroom on me but also has done that to guests, as soon as they go into the bathroom before they have a chance to close the bathroom door Lance zooms in right after them, lol and then I have to get him to come out, too funny!
Keke likes to follow me around the house too. She will lay beside my legs be it in the toilet or cooking in the kitchen.
Velcro dogs for sure! Mine follow me around all day(so does the doberman). I like that they think everything I do is so interesting! They find it somewhat annoying when I don't sit down for long and are obviously very happy when I am reading or watching tv. Have you noticed that they really have a dilemma when the other family member is not in the same room. They try to find places where they can see both of us at the same time. I don't find them overly pushy for attention, it is more about just being with me.
I wish my dog Bailey was more of a velcro dog, but she's very independent. She kind of does her own thing and comes around when she's hungry or bored. She'll stay outside all day on her own if we let her. Maybe she's just reflecting my own personality. :)


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