My fiance and I eat our meals in the living room most of the time. We sit on the couch (which is low enough for Riley to jump on). Riley wont eat/steal our food from our plate but he stays there looking like he's begging. And we always feel so bad but he would "climb up the walls" relentlessly if we lock him up in another room. So, he just sits there and wait. We dont give him food while he sits by us on the couch or while he's sitting by our feet, if we give him any food, we walk him to where his water bowl and where his food bowl is.
So I was wondering what do you guys do with your dog during meal times? And what's the right practice for it anyways?

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Our Tedi Bear taught us that Corgis are very social critters. He used to eat in his room (pantry/laundry) just off of the den where we eat at the couch also. Well one day he decided no more drug his food dish into the den. So now with Sami we just put her food and water bowls in the den next to the couch. When we get ready to eat we put food in her bowl get settled in and place her bowl between us on the floor. Luckily now we have a table that the top raises up to us, but even so she will eat a little or most of her dinner. If she gets to wild we put her out in the back yard until we are done. That doesn't happen to often though. You are doing the right thing by not giving food in the living room from your plate. Only thing I can not stand is a dog that begs, especially when I know they are very well fed. Only thing Sami gets in the den are her cookies.
I figure if they are quiet and don't jump while we are eating it is ok. You have to determine what is acceptable to you and stick with it. I prefer not to feed tablescraps at all but it is a requirement for my husband. Since he puts up with my various menageries our compromise is that he wait til we are done to give them a tiny portion. (I had to convince him on the tiny part) It sounds like you are doing a good job of teaching him to wait properly. Unfortunately my Sparty drools great big bubbly saliva when he is respectfully waiting but that is another matter altogether!!
Hehe, we gave up! We tried to lock him in the crate, but the whining was too annoying. Strangely, he doesn't whine in there otherwise, ever. We usually sit on the floor and eat at the coffee table (yeah, bums), so he tries to get in between us, lick our pants, or what's worse - feet. We just try to keep him awat from the table, sitting so close to each other that he can't get there. Then he lies down behind our backs, either licking feet or just looking up like the hungriest dog in the world. He gets rewarded for laying still and not bugging anyone. If we want to give him something, we get up and put the food in his bowl, so he knows that that's where all HIS food is.
If he tries to steal off the table (which doesn't happen a lot), I shake a can with pebbles to startle him and he forgets about the food right away.
Hehehehe thanks for all your replies. Yea, he's a pretty well behaved dog. With those tantalizing eyes we feel so guilty. Somehow he's always hungry regardless of how much food he's already had. The only time he kinda "ignores" treats is when we're walking. :D


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