So I just heard that Fox is going to produce a Cowboy Bebop a live action movie.

I'm really unsure if Keanu Reeves will portray Spike well. I really hope that they won't mess it up...what do you guys think?

But I wonder which lucky corgi is going to be cast as Ein?

I'm secretly wishing my Ein can play as himself in the live action movie. :P

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Wow, I think that's going to be really neat! I think Keanu can do it. He's got that laid back kinda attitude. Should be good! It'll be hard to squeeze everything into a couple of hours so I'm sure some stuff will be cut. I just hope it's not Ein!!!
Keanu Reeves owns rights to the live action Cowboy Bebop movie... so... casting yourself as the main character? Lame move!

I'm only bitter because such an epic story is going to be so so so ruined.
I like Keanu Reeves, but not for this movie. Spike is edgy and young; Keanu is an old fart already
Any new news about the movie? I haven't found much myself
The original series' producer will be serving as production consultant.
Dont worry Keanu Reeves will play his part well. I think he knows the character well because he actually went to Japan 2 times to beg for the part.

Plus as Sunni A. commented, the script is under strict quality control by the orginal series' producer.
I want to go to the Ein casting call and cuddle all the Corgis. >.>
I also can't wait to see if they cast a real corgi or add a CG corgi in but either way its cool. As for, just no and from what I've heard, its official that he will be playing Spike. There was an interview with him concerning his role and the more I read, the angrier I became. He should just make more movies like Bill and Ted, that way he wouldn't have to act.


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