Before I begin, I did do a search and read through a couple of other posts regarding this, but I'm still a little uncertain if Mochi's paw issue is the same or not.

My boyfriend and I noticed she was limping yesterday morning, but she only seems to do it when she walks on hard surfaces like the concrete (she is fine in the grass and on our carpet). We couldn't see anything last night on her paw, and after calling the vet she told us she might just have a slight sprain. This morning we looked again, and there seems to be a small cut or maybe it's a crack (I'm not entirely certain because she's never had this before) on her paw. She hasn't been licking it, and I haven't seen blood anywhere in the house. I have been putting neosporin on it, and I plan on getting some doggy booties this afternoon to help keep things out of it. I'm just worried this could be something else since many of the other posts mention the other pooches licking their paws when they have a crack on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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My vet told me not to put anything on it.  That it would only make it worse. I just checked Quins paws and they are fine now she didnt have any bleeding either, but she did lick it.  I think that is what they do if something is bothering them so that would lead me to believe it isnt something on the surface like a crack or a sticker I would tend to go with your vet.  Also Quin didnt limp when she had a crack. btw I live in the desert and walk on dirt every day with her and never had a problem with anything getting in the crack we just kept walking and it wore away I guess. 

We've had several wicked-looking pad injuries that healed uneventfully, quickly, with no intervention.

You might inspect the feet thoroughly to make sure nothing's stuck in between the toes; I found a foxtail grass seed in there once.

Thanks guys -- we did inspect in between her little toes, but I didn't see anything besides a lot of fluff in there.. hehe. She is still walking funny, and if it continues to happen until Saturday then we are going to bring her in. It's so strange because she acts as if nothing is wrong except when she goes outside to walk on the concrete. She doesn't cry or anything like that, but after a few minutes of walking she starts limping as if she doesn't want to put pressure on that paw.


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