Hi all, I'm beginning to think our girl Luna is, in fact, loony. 

For about two weeks now, when she's outside in the backyard with my daughter, she does this almost-crazed running around in a large circle.  Her ears are up, her nose is pointed toward the ground, and she's very intent, like she's herding something or chasing something BUT THERE IS NOTHING THERE.   ?   

Even if, when I go out, I call her over and pet her and try to distract her, she goes right back to the circling.  (also- her sister corgi has nothing to do with any of this, she plays with my daughter, or does other more normal stuff.)

So is our dog loony? Is she herding imaginary cattle?  Can she hear moles underground with those very large ears?  Does anyone else's corgi do this?

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is she frapping?  running like a circle eight pattern?


No, I've seen frapping- I know what that looks like. This is more of an intent "I lost my favorite bone around here somewhere, and I can't sit down until I find it."  She's looking at the ground like she's looking for something or hunting something.


Welcome to the world of frapping----  mad, full-speed running (usually in circles) with a crazed grin and intent look and sometimes accompanied by "grrr grr grrrr" sounds.   One of mine does this a lot, the other one rarely.  Lots of puppies of many breeds do.  Most adult dogs outgrow it, but Corgis and a few other breeds seem prone to the behavior even as adults.  I think it's pent-up energy, perhaps mixed with frustration--- one of mine does it when he wants to play chase with the other dog or the cat and they aren't in the mood.
It is just fun!
hahaha. You have a happy corgi here! She is just frapping. Frequent Random Acts of Play.There are times I will be out with Franklin and for no apparent reason at all he decides he must run as fast as he can in big circles with his tongue hanging out looking goofey, then all of a sudden he stops and goes about his business like nothing ever happened.

she and her sister do the "all out run and play" together. I really don't think this is frapping.


Really? Because when Jack fraps, it looks like he's trying to herd the coffee table.  So your description of "herding something that's not there" sounds like frapping to me.  Maybe I just got the wrong idea.

Yeah, not that. This actually looks worried/neurotic. I'm going to have to catch her doing it and video it.


Haha!  The dog tags jingling in that video made mine bark at the invisible dog that somehow got in the house!

 Possibly she's a slow, worried, solo frapper?

I meant that it looks like work, not play.

or does she remind you off a hound dog, sniffing the ground away, like she smells something?


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