Hi all, 

I had a quick question about grooming. We take our Einstein in about once a month for a grooming just to keep from smelling too "dog like". He sleeps with us (I know... bad parents, spoiling the little one) and the smell just gets a bit unbearable after a while. We have only taken him to the big chain pet stores for grooming which has been perfectly fine for half a year, but the last few times we have taken him he has developed crusty bumps and look almost like dried blood all over his back and neck. I did take him to the vet the first time and the vet put him on some antibiotics for a week but the last time it happened I didn't and they cleared up on their own after about a week and a half. We thought that maybe the groomer was brushing him too hard or something so we asked for a new groomer (who is also Einstein's trainer and very fond of him) and the bumps have surfaced again though there are significantly less. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if you have any shampoos that you recommend. I'm pretty sure they were using a sensitive shampoo since we told them about the bumps but I really don't know what is being used for sure.

As for Ein, he does get a little mopey the day before the bumps surface but after doesn't seem to mind them (no itching or excessive licking). They just come off in clumps with his hair. Grossly it has become a sort of obsession with my husband to pull them out after they moved away from the skin. 

Any help would be appreciated!! 

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I wonder if he is allergic to the shampoo or some other substance they are using?

I would guess he is allergic to the products they are using or they are being too rough with whatever tool they are using to groom him (furminator type brush maybe?).

Like Ellen and Jane, I think he might be allergic to the shampoo, conditioner, or another product that they use on him.  You could ask them to switch to a different product, perhaps, and see if that helps at all.  You may also wish to ask them to be gentle with the comb/brush, just in case.  You might want to try bathing him yourself once or twice and see if he has any reactions to the products. 

I second the notion of washing him yourself a couple times to see if there's a difference.  You can also try pre-diluting the shampoo - makes the soap a bit less concentrated before it touches his skin, so he's less likely to get a chemical burn.  It also lathers up more easily when you pre-dilute.  

Good point! I keep a plastic mixing bowl with the dog washing stuff. Put a squirt of shampoo in, then fill with water. Slosh this over the dog, scoop up handfulls to splash on the legs and underside. Rub around and rinse. I use less shampoo that way. I started doing this because a dog was getting dry patches where I was pouring on shampoo.


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