Gracie received her DHPP vaccine last night around 6pm.  By 7pm she was vomiting-- by 9.30 her face was so swollen you could barely see her eyes. She looked  like a sharpaie dog face. Was getting extremely worried at this point. Stayed up with her all night as she continued to vomit occasionally. Thinking this is a bad reaction to shot. She layed down about 4 and so did I and fell asleep. When i woke i immediately checked on her, her swelling in face looked like it had gone down quite a bit. At 7.30am called the vet explained what had taken place, she said to give some beneydral,so i did,she seemed ok. So i went to work which is only 5 min away in case something else took place. At 9am my daughter calls upset saying Gracies ears are all swollen very think and huge lumps and has diarrhea. So immediatley rushed home and off to the vet we went. They looked at her and said she need to stay--put her on iv fluids and somthing for the swelling.  Needless to say this is very upsetting--trying to protect your dog with the vaccine, but yet the vaccine is what was harmful to her. Hope she pulls thru, i have read now that dogs have died from this vaccine or later had complications.

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Oh gosh, scary.  Hope this turns out OK for both of you.

I had a pup that had just left and they took her in for her vaccine andrabies, she did this. She was still at the vet but had to have IV's benadryl and more.  She pulled through but I did send all my pup owners in the litter an email cautioning them since the one pup had a reaction. I now always have liquid benadryl on hand. No one could say why this happened but my vet cautioned that it could likely happen again to the same dog. I also know of someone with Doxies that splits up her dogs' shots.


Good luck and  we're sending healing thoughts your way for a speedy recovery!!!!!!

Thanks Jane, I wonder if they can adminster the vaccine for distemper by itself and the parvo by itself on another day, so its not all at once. I'm wondering if this all in one shot is to much.

So scary!  Hope Gracie recovers quickly.   Some dogs can have bad reactions to vaccines, just as some people have bad reactions to certain medications.  DHPP is a core vaccine and Parvo particularly is frequently deadly if not vaccinated against, but you can talk to your vet about future shots once the crisis is resolved.


Keep us posted!

Oh poor Gracie. I hope she starts to feel better soon and that she'll be able to come home. Please do keep us informed. Thank you
Wishing you the best!
Oh my gosh, Im so sorry, you are going through this, prayers coming your way for  Gracie to pull through this.
Oh my goodness!  How scary.  Tons of positive thoughts going your way for Gracie (and you, too).  Such a horrible feeling when our pups are not well.  I hope she bounces back really soon.
We are thinking about you over here. Give us minute to minute updates. Hope you are able to sleep tonight.
Wow!  Am so sorry this has happened!  I hope and pray she gets better!  Please keep us up to date on her condition!
Get well soon Gracie!
Well wishes for mom & pup! 


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