Wylie, 4yrs, has suffered from regular bouts of pancreatitis his whole life. I like my vet, they're cost effective and friendly, and knowledgable, but reactive rather than proactive and brush off my concerns about the effects of proper diet.

So I've done my own research and have decided to try Wellness Core Grain Free Reduced Fat. I am hoping this will resolve the pancreatitis as well as his frequent, unformed, yellow stools (possibly the start of EPI?)

Has anyone else successfully combated this problem with a good food? What worked? Any other suggestions?

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My doberman came to live with us after having three stomach obstruction surgeries so this may not be the same thing. After living with regular bouts of "rivers of loose poo" (ugh) I suggested to my vet that we try i/d Science Diet. He felt it was worth a try and 3 years later we have no more problems. I know it is not the most highly rated food but I decided eliminating her digestive problems was the priorty. You might try that and see if you have a good result.

Thank you for the feedback! I feel so bad, because I have a feeling he is always in some discomfort. I am willing to try anything right now.

Hi Carissa, go to the FAQ, follow the link and consult with a licensed canine dietician, they will be able to help you with meal plans the scientific way.

Amazing! Thank you so much Sam!

My dog is on Wellness Core Ocean fish formula. He does well on it. He was on the Wellness Core Reduced fat when he was chunky, but now that he's at a good weight I'm able to maintain him on the Ocean Fish formula. However, my dog fortunately has an iron stomach. I'm concerned that your Wylie has had pancreatitis so many times. Has your vet discussed  food allergies with you? What food is Wylie currently on? If his stomach is that sensitive, I would go with a lower calorie, limited ingredient diet. A vet at my work frequently recommends these Natural Balance L.I.D foods: Bison, Venison, and Salmon. She discourages formulas containing beef, lamb, chicken, and duck for food allergy dogs. The Wellness Core Reduced fat food is great, but it's still pretty high in calories compared to Natural Balance. So it might not be right for a dog that is prone to pancreatitis. A prescription diet that helps with pancreatitis is Royal Canin's LF food. 

My last corgi had EPI, and his first clinical signs were frequent unformed yellowish stools, and weight loss.Very frequent and VERY smelly. That smell is something I wont forget! I'd have your dog tested for that to be safe.

Is Wylie getting any table scraps at all? I'm concerned that your vet isn't being more proactive. Frequent bouts of pancreatitis is serious. Maybe get a 2nd opinion if this doesn't get resolved. Hope this helps!

Thanks for all the feedback! Just wanted to update you all with some good news. Wylie hasn't had ANY symptoms of Pancreatitis in over a year! We switched him to the Wellness Core Reduced Fat and cut out ALL treats and scraps. He loves this food so much that he works for it as treats. The right food does make a difference!

Congratulations on your good results and thanks for sharing.  It's always interesting to read what actually worked.  The proof is definitely in the pudding!

Hi!  I looked up pancreatitis on this website, and stumbled across your post.  Wondering if you might be able to offer any other advice?  I posted my pup's probe here:


I'd appreciate any helpful hints you might have.  Thanks in advance.  Hope Wylie is well :)


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