My big baby Rufus has recently started digging Carpet along the wall in my new apartment while I'm at work. I'm running out of furniture to cover the holes, and anti-chew spray to deter him from the area. It's about two 5x5 patches, but I just don't know what to do. He's dug 2 holes one week apart, and we've been there for almost 2 months.
I give him chew treats and/or a kong, his toys and walk him 2 hours a day. I work full time but make it home for lunches right now, and spend pretty much all my time with him.

I know it's hard being a single mommy of a corgi and working full time, but he's my baby and I want to make sure I get any advice on making this transition and early stages of his life comfortable, or if I'm totally missing something.

Thanks friends~

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There are things you can do if there is separation anxiety issues. Crate or pen your dog in a room with some toys and a place to lay. Leave the room for a few minutes (make sure not to fuss or say goodbye when you leave) and come back. Keep doing that for progressively longer intervals and your dog will learn that you do leave for unknown amounts of time, but you always come back. Soon it won't be too upset when you leave.
Hi Krystina, how old is Rufus and could you describe his daily schedule in detail?

Most dogs chew / dig out of boredom, usually it can be fixed by exercise alone, I see that you walk Rufus 2 hours a day, could you describe the walk? Is it 2 hours split mulitple times throughout a day? 2 hours once EVERYDAY? What kind of pace were you going? Onleash / off leash? pulling or you lead?
Thanks for the reply, everyone’s been so helpful.

In response:
Rufus is almost 8 months old. His anxiety isn’t THAT terrible where he barks constantly when I’m gone, destroys the house, pees and poops… I’ve been working full time since I’ve gotten him, and occasionally leave him the whole 9 hr work day. He’s learn to pee and poop out on the patio, he really does sleep most of the time (as I come home and he’s stretching out like a cat), he gets his chew treats, etc…
 I take him to the park for just about 2 hours if not more with a dog walking group during the week, we walk/jog a couple miles then he goes and plays with the other doggies for almost an hour sometimes. He walks comfortably next to me unless there's a hyperactive dog somewhere and he gets a little crazy. During the weekend he usually always goes somewhere to play and run around.

He’s really great, it’s just this carpet digging which has happened twice now in the last couple weeks, is so out of the norm for him.
I think they go through phases - Bear chewed two pieces of wood trim and a corner of a carpeted step - all within three weeks of each other. Had never done anything like it before and has never done anything like it since - and oddly enough they all happened when he was between 7 and 9 months old.
Hi Krystina, thank you for the extra info. Rufus is a young pup and may be too early to have free roam of the house at this time. Crate training will allow him to learn to love the crate, a place where he can relax, associate it with food and toys. You want to eventually increase his space.

As far as exercise goes, the average person can walk 14 mins a mile, consider if you've really walked a couple of miles (3), that's almost 44 mins, shorter if you mix jog / walk. I personally don't count play time / dog park into my walking time. Anything that is not "on leash owner lead walk" don't count in my book, the walk is a special time where you lead and he learns to follow, it teaches him to feel the leash and watch your signal.

If the carpet have fringes, its time to cut them off. Always keep an eye on him when he approach that area, as soon as he enter "the zone", give him a warning and say " ar ar" and keep him off that area. Don't set him up for failure, help him to succeed. Give him a yummy treat as soon as he turn 180 or watching you.

Hang in there, Puppies enter adolescent around six months of age and it can last up to 2 years of age. Consider hiring a professional in your area, it can be a bonding experience and bring your training to the next level. Good luck!


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