I am having trouble with my 10 week old corgi digging. I would really like to try to stop this behavior as soon as possible. We have a fenced yard and I don't want him getting out. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking about sprinkling cayenne pepper around where he likes to dig but I don't want to hurt him. Please Help!!

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I've got the same troubles with Jordan and have never been able to get him to stop! the sneaky guy will go and hide to do it
but his white feet never lie, plus now baby Teagen is showing signs of liking to dig. The only thing I do is never allow them outside unsupervised. which ensures no digging .
Many years ago I was told to bury your dogs poop in the holes and they would stop digging in that area. It seemed to work with my Lab 20 years ago.
My Corgi's dig sometimes but I think it is more from boredom. You also might try keeping the area wet, mine will not dig in wet dirt. Good Luck
Puppies dig. I have never had a puppy that did not dig.

At 10 weeks, you are pretty safe in just picking up the puppy and removing him. Chances are he will try to dig again elsewhere. They dig for fun, they dig because the dirt is cooler underneath, and they dig because it's instinctive.

A 10 week old should not be left in the yard unattended. He can get loose. He can get snatched by a hawk. He can eat something dangerous.

Don't sprinkle pepper, please! Imagine getting cayenne pepper in your eyes, and then ask yourself if that's what you want for your puppy. I'm sure you don't, as I'm sure you love your puppy very much.

Many puppies outgrow digging on their own, but as I said for now just pick him up and move him away and distract him with something else.
I'm also not sure I'd put poop in an area your puppy is fascinated with (the digging spot), as that may confuse his potty training. It may or may not work for an adult, but I would not confuse a puppy by putting poop near something he finds inherently rewarding.
I got 2 little digging devils. Have not figured out a way to stop it...it is just too much fun I think.
Bear digs when he gets ready to lay down outside - he'll dig for a minute, down to the cooler dirt, then lay his pretty white belly right in the fresh dirt.

I've also seen him dig for fun - I think he's looking for worms, he LOVES to roll in worm guts.
You could put chicken wire under the dirt where he is digging, I've heard of that working. They don't like the feel. Or, create his own digging area.....like a little sand lot for your dog. Put sand and dirt, half bury some toys and let him dig like crazy.

My dog also will dig down into the dirt to where it's cooler, and then lay down. Again, you have to catch them in the act.


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