My corgi (suki) is very nippy and even tries to bite people at the Kennels. Firstly I was woundering do your corgis nip alot if so how common??

Has anyone got any tips we are really desperet because its so disgraceful for me and my family to be told my dog attacked the owners at the Kennel club.


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Not common if you take the time to train your pup not to bite. Whenever your pup does so or starts acting aggressive towards a human you have to be on top of it and however you discipline your pup do so. They are quick learners and eventually will get the message but you have to keep at it and always let them know its not allowed.

If one method doesn't work try another. No dog should bite a human.
I agree thanks for the tip x
Same with us we were told corgis are nippy too.
I wouldnt consider corgis nippy but as young pups they are mouthy. In my many years of owning corgis I have never had one I would consider a nipper. Typically this is a lack of socialization around other people and environments. It is also a lack of training when a dog is allowed to continue unacceptable behaviors. Unfortunately often times the behavior is long out of control before many realize there is a problem. Each time a negative behavior occurs it reinforces that this an acceptable behavior. Probably took quite some time for your dog to reach this level of behavior and will take equally as long to extinguish it. I suggest you find a good training facility in your area. If you can find someone more familiar with the corgi breed that would even be better. This is NOT normal behavior for corgi.


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