A silly question but I always wonder about it.

Do your corgis herd your other corgis around if you have more than one?

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Yes.  Actually I can't imagine only having one to begin with anyway, but yes they do.   Currently the two we have is a red head tri and a red.  The red, Jake, is faster to get the ball so the tri, Duffy, will try to herd Jake.

When we had our first tri, Arthur, he would play with a friend's shepard who was a tireless frisbie dog.  Arthur couldn't have cared less about the frisbie, he was 100% into herding the shepard.

I think my dad's cardie used to try and herd their cat until the stupidity of the idea finally sunk in.

Yes :-) At corgi meet ups its funny to watch because it seems everyone wants to herd everyone else! Lol. Its pretty cool though because the few I have been to there have been no fights. I think the corgis are more accepting of being herded than other breeds. 

Yes.....if only they could learn to herd all that dropped hair into one place.

I have 2 but they are too busy herding the cats...and the cats love it.  Besides, Katie is my alpha and she knows it so she doesn't need to show Max who's boss and when there are toys involved Max will give her a wide berth.  He wouldn't be caught dead trying to herd Katie, he is afraid of her.

LOL! Herding cats is the hardest thing in the world to do! Just goes to show how brilliant corgis are. :-D

Vicky...my first corgi, Arnie, was not the brightest bulb in the pack.  The black cat we had then would get Arnie chasing him around the dinning room table, then Spider would jump up on the table and sit there watching the dog continue running circles around the table thinking he was still chasing the cat.  These two, who have never seen a sheep or cow, actually work together in (trying) to round up the cats.  What's funny to me is the cats start the herding game  most of the time.

Wish we had a video of that! :-D Cats are smarter than the average sheep...


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