I know they should be tested for a few things genetically, but I have seen a lot of posts on here about health issues. I understand the potential issues with dwarfed legs and joints. And the possibly genetic items, but I'm starting to feel the breed isn't for me if so many are suffering or otherwise have bigger health issues a lot of the time. When I decide to get a dog I will be financially able to take care of most things, but if I need to keep emptying my emergency funds because the breed is constantly in the vet's office or under the knife it may be something I don't want to get into.


Is it just because many are looking for advice and support for their particular dog's ailments, so there are many posts about just that? Or is the breed really that bad?

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Beth...that's it!  I remember too from my reading when we got our first rescue corgi that there was also something with the eyes.  I remember when I got Max's papers that he was clear and so is Katie.

Melissa...very true about all those things.  Max has seasonal allergies just like I do, Katie doesn't.  My first Irish Wolfhound was severely allergic to flea bites and she allergies to leaf mold.  My male wolfhound had allergies to leaf mold.  The worst I have had with these 2 is Max's neck yet Katie has no physical problems at all.  They are the same bloodline...Katie is from one of Max's sisters. 

Hi Cassandra,

Genetic loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger. Every dog is different, you will always deal with things that are beyond your control, nothing is ever 100%. It's also what makes life interesting. I encourage you to read the FAQ. Good luck!

They are susceptible to DM.  It's a degenerative disease that affects the nervous system, spine.  Can't catch it.  Some have it.  Some don't.  Ours has it.  It's non-curable and shows up usually in later years.


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