Do you believe that dogs see things we don't?

I am an avarage Christian and live pretty regular life and don't really believe or pay attention to what might be out there.

Well this morning I was cuddling my pups and something really caught there attention. They fallowed something on the sealing and wouldn't take there eyes off it. I turned on all the lights trying to see if maybe there was a spider but I couldn't not see anything. They kept moving there eye like whatever this was is moving and they were so fixed on whatever this was.

Hmmm thought I would get your guys opinion and maybe experiences. Like I said I'm not really a believer or payed much attention to things like this.

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My Annie did this awhile back.  I have tall cupboards and one night she looked up at them  and never took her eyes off of something and walked along the entire room like that.  I never did see what she saw.

I just wish I could see what there seeing. If its something super scary argh I want to know what's in my home! Or if there is anything in general. Seeing is believing in this case but I know there seeing something is don't.

Leena has several times looked into our bedroom and the kitchen, growling at something we couldn't see.  She'll do this for a few minutes at a time, and I'm sure it's not a "noise," because she turns her head to the side at odd noises.


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