do you hike with your corgi? what harness do you use?

Hey everyone! I hope all is well :) happy to report Baden and I are doing well!

so I am looking into getting baden a new harness for hiking, Baden and I have moved to CA where there are TONS of hiking trails so I try to venture out as much as possible but it seems like every harness he used for these hikes rub his arm pits because the harness falls to the side of his breast bone. he must be leashed which dosnt not bother me as the trails can get really tricky and a harness has helped me get him out of tricky situations. so I am wondering if there is a sturdy harness that fits your corgi and dosnt not rub?

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I found a harness at Petco that is THE business. I don't know what the brand name is -- an employee pointed me to it when I asked for one that is very, very easy to put on.

Took some pictures for a trucker friend whose dog has learned to unlock(!!) and open the semi's doors and take off in search of the human. Let's see if I can upload them here...

It's easy to use, it stays on the dog, and it doesn't seem to rub or irritate. It's easy to adjust, too.

I had the very same problem: a gazillion harness options, but finding one that wouldn't rub his armpits raw was hard to find.  And we go on 3-6 miles hikes every other day.  My corgi has a Ruffwear Front Range everyday harness.  It doesn't have big contraptions that rub into his pits and it's padded if they do.  It's more expensive, but because it's quality.  The BEST feature is that it has two places to hook the leash: on his back by his shoulders and in front on his chest.  The front clip allows me to walk him without ever worrying about him pulling.  I can direct him back to me with the slightest tug.  This is an awesome feature if you have a puller.  I've had this harness for the better part of six months and it hasn't worn down at all even through all of our adventures so far.  It's also adjustable!  I went with a medium and my 1.5 year-old corgi is 35lbs.  There is still enough adjustment for more growth or I can tighten it if needed.  It's also easy to clip on/off.

I like the Petsafe Easy Sport harness, though I've not used it on long walks.    Wrote about it here:

Hi Rebecca,

Welcome to CA!  We love to hike too.  We had a chafing problem with our corgi on long walks too.  I found this harness and it works great!

It had a nice loop on the back for the leash, that's easy to grab if I need to reign him back in.  Bright color and reflective material is nice too.  My husband has a habit of slipping our dog's collar so he uses it on most walks
as an extra security measure.  Someone I know uses the same for her much larger, sporty dogs...but I think it looks just fine on a corgi too!

Enjoy the hikes!


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