As most of you know I started a daily Where's Waldo type facebook game featuring Franklin hiding in various spots everyday. The game has been going on for several months with the future goal being a photobook where a portion of the profits goes to CorgiPals. Well that time has finally come, our photoshoots are complete and we are currently formatting and editing the book to hopefully be released very soon (need to wait for proofs to arrive to make sure they look ok). Anyway, I am trying to build as big of an audience as I can before the book release so posted a link on reddit to Franklin's page. Do any of you use reddit? If so can you upvote his link so more people see it? And come by and play if you want, the page is public so you shouldn't have to have Facebook to see the pictures and find Franklin (only to "like" the page). Anyway, here is the reddit link:

its my first post there and I have no idea how to use the page but I'd love for more people to see the link and join Frank's page. I'm so not tech savvy so have no idea where or how to "advertise" his page. I'm hoping to be able to make some sizable donations to CorgiPals from book sales once we release the book. Feel free to share his page with friends if you enjoy playing the game (or reddit it yourself or post on other media sites)

Here's possibly our cover for the book (still working on it):

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I'm a redditor, and I will upvote the post :) 

Your post will have a lifespan of several more hours depending on how many more upvotes it gets. I mean, it won't be deleted or anything, but will get removed from the front page of r/corgi as new posts come in. I'd say you did it right! You weren't "asking" for people to check out your link (anything that could be seen as advertising will be downvoted into oblivion).

There's also a group on mycorgi for redditors, but I don't think it's very active.  

thanks! its so confusing! Lol. But I know that a lot of people use reddit and it seems like a good way to get word out. Thanks for the vote! :-)

Set up a tumblr page, too. Be sure and tag all your pictures with as many key words as you can. Then submit a picture and an explanation to

thanks for the corgiaddict idea! She posted right away on her page and there have arleady been several more likes! :-)

I JUST joined as scoutcorgi and upvoted!


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