For some reason, unknown to my boyfriend or myself, our Corgi Domino likes to lick our feet... a lot. Now I'm not talking the occasional 'kiss' lick; she gets down to it, getting in between the toes and everything. It's like she's grooming us! As weird as it was when she first started doing it I've actually grown to enjoy it sometimes, especially when I get off work and my feet are sore.

Also ears. She likes to lick people's ears, even our guests!

I'm just curious if anyone else's corgis do this odd, odd thing.

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Yes, Wynn loves to lick feet ours and company doesn't matter. He doesn't lick ears but just recently he has started licking my neck...he jumps up by me if I take a nap and I have to really tell him to stop licking me several times b/4 he'll stop...
Steve and Turtle used to like feet when they were puppies. They're almost 2 and 1 1/2 now and have since stopped with the feet but Steve likes to lick my ear (only the right one), especially when he wants to get my attention.
Ein is exactly the same as your Domino. He loves to lick feet until they're thoroughly covered in his kisses, and hands too. He'll also lick your ears if you're down at his level. I saw him lick doors once or twice, which was so weird!
Molly is our licker. Max does a lot of licking but he's not even close to Molly. She will lick any thing even the cats ears.
Hi, you should check out the discussion on Seasonal Allergies in Corgi Health.
Dax is an obsessive licker. So much that it worries me. His favorite are feet and arms. He'll lay on the floor and actually "hold" your foot, like lay on your leg with his paws on either side of your foot so you can't even see what he's doing (I guess he thinks I won't know lol) and just lick. I don't mind it so much but when we have people over, it gets to be an issue. I have a friend who has 3 dogs, loves dogs, but she can't stand to be licked. So that presents a problem. If we're sitting on the sofa, Dax will get up and lick your arm until it's soaked. You'll look over at him and his eyes will be closed, just licking, like it's the best feeling in the world to him. It must be relaxing to them, I don't know, but I can pretty much just say "Dax, stop" and he'll stop, but he's pretty bad about it.
Gracie is our feet licker, but with her dad she loves to lick his face and ears. She actually follows us around if we are barefoot so when we stop moving she can lick some more. Gunner gives kisses and is done. But he will lick our leather sofas occasionally. They do stop on command to "leave it."
Dahhhh, I never thought about leave it! I always say "no lick"...I'll have to try this!!!! Thanks!
I forgot to mention it in the post but Domino does this too! She licks the floor, pillows, the couch, anything. She's even licked Gregory, our rabbit, once when she finally caught him. I swear somewhere in their ancestry Corgis are part cat. lol!
Shiro licks my fiance's leather slippers. So weird!
ein's a licker. he especially enjoys to lick the water droplets that run down my ankle when i get out of the shower. he does this to my husband as well. sometimes he'll lick the shower door if he sees some water drops. lol. it's an awkward experience to say the least. lol.
Haha! Dax does the same thing! I'll open the door to the bathroom and he'll be right there just waiting for me to step out, and he immediately starts licking my ankles. Lol. I've always thought it was pretty weird, but i'm glad to know I'm not the only one!


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