For some reason, unknown to my boyfriend or myself, our Corgi Domino likes to lick our feet... a lot. Now I'm not talking the occasional 'kiss' lick; she gets down to it, getting in between the toes and everything. It's like she's grooming us! As weird as it was when she first started doing it I've actually grown to enjoy it sometimes, especially when I get off work and my feet are sore.

Also ears. She likes to lick people's ears, even our guests!

I'm just curious if anyone else's corgis do this odd, odd thing.

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Soffie loves to lick Griffyns face and ears; She will do it as long as he will let her! And yes, she's a feet licker too! Perhaps that explains her "fettish" for socks!!!
Chelsea is a licker as well. She loves our feet, especially my husband's for some reason. She usually leaves our guests alone which saves us some embarassment. Once in awhile she will lick our ears or our head if we're laying on the bed with her. I haven't noticed her licking the floor or furniture; she mainly sticks to licking us, her humans.
Ella is definitely a licker. Favorites include toes, socks, hubby's head and ears, my legs after a shower, her own back leg, sidewalks, her ball, her blanket, and her left paw. Usually she saves her licking for us, but she will lick the shoes, hands, or legs of our extended family.
Finnigan is a foot licker too. He started licking when he was very little, maybe 12 weeks and has never stopped. He acts like he's grooming me when he licks my feet. When my husband is on the floor playing with him Finn likes to lick his ears and if anyone is petting him and he is getting really relaxed, his ears go back and he gets this doe-eyed look and licks their hands while they pet.
Yes, Tallulah also loves to lick feet. She has been into feet since we got her and she's a year old this month. She will lick the sofa (not the leather one) that has thick fabric, she'll lick a nice wet spot on jeans and my pillow. Last night when I was watching the Twins/Dodgers game she was licking the brick on the fireplace!
Uhhhh.....I meant Detroit!!!
We also have a Tallulah who is 8 mos old and here in NYC - where are you? She has alot of the same characteristics I have been reading on this post about licking. When we are in the car she licks the fabric seats, licks our legs and feet out of the shower, licks the fabric sofa, bedspread,etc. Is this normal? Is she trying to tell us something? I worry that maybe it has to do with a bigger issue.
My Dixie also likes to lick feet and she LOVES socks , mostly my sons very dirty socks. She gets in his dirty clothes basket and drags them all over the house. She also licks the carpet, couch, and your jeans until they are sooooo wet.
Just yesterday my son told her "stop licking you are not a cat". :-)
Potus loves to lick too!
Miranda gives my boyfriend Mark a bath when ever she can reach his hands and arms. She is such a suck up.

Miranda loves people legs and feet when they have lotion or sun screen on them. Morgan likes hands, but only if you have just eaten something.
Ever since we got Sadie she has been a "licker!!" She doesn't really go for the toes, but she goes for anything she can touch, nothing specific. It can be our hands, arms, legs, ears, face, anything she can reach at the time!
Sophie licks EVERYTHING, from us to the furniture to the floor. she loves feet to but not to the extent of yours lol. The only person whose ears that she will lick is my boyfriend, she does it even more so when shes happy to see him or wants to play. I thought we were the only ones with a licking corgi


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