For some reason, unknown to my boyfriend or myself, our Corgi Domino likes to lick our feet... a lot. Now I'm not talking the occasional 'kiss' lick; she gets down to it, getting in between the toes and everything. It's like she's grooming us! As weird as it was when she first started doing it I've actually grown to enjoy it sometimes, especially when I get off work and my feet are sore.

Also ears. She likes to lick people's ears, even our guests!

I'm just curious if anyone else's corgis do this odd, odd thing.

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Molly and Max,here after known as M&M lick everything. Toes, Face,feet, arms,comforter pillows, cats,. need I say more?
Wrigley is a total licker. It's kind of embarassing sometimes. >./body>
Paisley is a licker too! She loves to lick feet, hands and legs when we get out of the shower. When we have people over they do not really seem to enjoy the complimentary feet cleaning, so we often try to give her other things to do. My least favorite is when she licks my hands after I finish eating something. Sometimes I want to lick my own fingers after eating something tasty and she always beats me to the punch!
My friend has a golden retriever, Buddy, and he likes to lick feet as much as Domino does! So, this behavior isn't limited to corgis. I'm guessing it's a want of salt that's fulfilled by licking the sweat off... but, I can't explain licking other things (pillows, floors, doors) away so easily. So maybe it's just a comforting thing to do.
Oh, I was informed Buddy licks EVERYTHING-- especially metal, but also couches, carpets, books, or whatever you let him So... yeah. Weird.
My corgi acts as if she's born for licking. She will start by licking our faces, then our feet, then the floor, then the cats... and so on. It's ridiculous, but she definitely stops when told.
I discourage this so mine don't do it. I think the ear licking is pretty pushy behavior that is not too cute when they get older or you have company that doesn't want to get that friendly with your dog. Just a matter of opinion!
My husband allows the dogs to lick him and I do not (except for the occasional single lick of the hand). I personally think it's kinda gross when a dog starts cleaning someone's ears!

Since I clearly disliked from the beginning, neither dog does it with me. Jack does like to try to lick bare feet, which tickles so I usually end up laughing unintentionally! But he'll stop when I tell him to.

I'm with you, Bev; it's embarrassing if the dogs start climbing on company trying to groom them! Plus, I've seen what they eat out on walks. Gross.
Very common! Chloe likes to lick my husbands wake him up! Also we found that right after we put on lotion, she wants to lick that off too! She will walk in the bathroom while I'm getting ready for work and lick my legs because she likes the lotion, even the stuff that doesn't have smells!
Caleb would be a licker if we let him. He's allowed to give a few 'kisses' but that's it.
Well, not entirely. We do let him get away with 'drying' our feet when we get out of the shower.
Here is Lance and his cousin Marcus giving my daughter a shower of licks. One started and the other followed, lol. Its funny cause they did this right after they were done playing!
Haha, that is hilarious. Lance is so freaking adorable!!!


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