For some reason, unknown to my boyfriend or myself, our Corgi Domino likes to lick our feet... a lot. Now I'm not talking the occasional 'kiss' lick; she gets down to it, getting in between the toes and everything. It's like she's grooming us! As weird as it was when she first started doing it I've actually grown to enjoy it sometimes, especially when I get off work and my feet are sore.

Also ears. She likes to lick people's ears, even our guests!

I'm just curious if anyone else's corgis do this odd, odd thing.

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gosh yes! i think toes are her fav too, lol!
I'll try to make this not too long. I think Darb's dad is making too much of the situation.
Darby and Cosmo had been together every day since Sept. of '07 Then when Jim and I broke up (we are still best of friends and that's why Darb and Cos still have a chance to play together), he took Darb with him on the road and Cos came to live with me.
Darb "lives" in a tractor trailor and Cos has a laid-back life. Now when they get together, Darby has started licking Cos' back paws. Not his front paws but only the back. He will even sit there and whine, if Cos doesn't want to play with with him.
I read that the licking could be a sign of submission on Darbs' part. Telling Cos I just want to play and be your friend.
Darb has never really been a licker. The occasional Corgi kiss and when he has to go do his business.
Talked to a friend of ours yesterday that happens to be a god trainer. I told him about Darb licking Cos' back paws. One thing he said was that the back paws are strange, but he believes that all Darb is doing is telling Cos that he wants to be friends and wants to play.
I hope now that Jim heard him say that, that he will drop the issue. Just have to work on Cosmo next. He really gets aggravated after awhile.
The corgi we're taking home tomorrow is a licker. :) He was licking my hand then looked up at me and licked my cheek and it was then that I fell in love!! :)
Our Pickles loves to lick everything! She acts more like a cat then a dog lol!
Charlie's a floor licker lol. Will just lay there.. and lick the floor.... We think it has flavor.

Roxi if you sit there and pet her she'll start licking your hand and arm. We tell friends its her saying "thank you" for the loves hehe. Really I think its just the skin salt.
Pilgrim is our licky dog. He licks feet, shoes, socks, hands, whatever he can reach. He licks Blitzen's ears although I am not sure Blitz likes it.
Sherman is a "drive by licker". He can't be close to a body part without a quick swipe, you don't even know it happened until he's gone. Drives my husband crazy. I am used to never being clean.


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