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I have 2 pups -- Ollie (15 months) and Prie (4.5 months).. both are happy and healthy. They get kibble + nutritional supplement 2x/day, morning and evening and occasional treat wet food. We don't keep strict meal times b/c my schedule fluctuates, particularly in the evening by the time I get home (ranges from 6:30-8). Generally breakfast is between 5-5:45am.


I'm considering putting them on a 1x/day feeding schedule.. growing up, we did this with our family dogs (labs, rottis, dobies, cocker, and a lhasa over the years) and I'd like to get any input from those of you who do it with your or have done so before?? Anything I should be particularly aware of??


Also, we obviously won't be starting this for some time as they are both young (esp Prie).. just thought I'd get an idea ahead of time!



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Most vets recommend a twice a day feeding schedule. It doesn't really matter as much if the evening feeding fluctuates. On once a day feedings you may start seeing digestive upset (i.e. evening or early morning vomiting, etc) due to their stomach being empty for so long. Franklin is given the option of 2 meals a day but will sometimes skip breakfast or dinner, but I let him make the decision. I leave his food down in several interactive toys so if he skips a meal it is still down for him to eat should he get hungry a few hours later. I know I hate feeling hungry and would feel bad if I made my dog go almost an entire day with no food. I think if you are already giving 2 meals you may as well stick with it, I'm sure your dogs would thank you for that.
Our girls are always fed in the morning, but we often find that they have kibble left over in the evening.  Obviously we don't feed them again if they still have food from morning. 
Waffle was fed 1x a day for most of the time I've had him simply because he refused to eat anything. We recently switched to 2x a day since he stopped being so picky, and he very much prefers it. I also don't feed at strict times-- breakfast is whenever I wake up (8-noon) and dinner is whenever I remember (5-midnight). Feedings don't have to be at the same time every day, but I think if it is possible to feed 2x, you should do so.
Once a day here, they are both 8 now, been doing that before the age of 2. We feed them after our morning walk.
I feed 3 times a day but never exactly at the same time as my schedule varies. I would continue with 2.
i feed him twice a day. at 9am and around 5-7. i dont think once a day can be very good, i know if i dont eat at least 3times a day i feel sick and have no energy. i mean think about it if u were in there situation, could u eat only once a day? how about when there is food is around and your tummy is growling and your starving but u cant eat until early morning. i dont think its fair to be honest, im sure no matter what time they eat at night they will just be thankful for it
I feed both of mine 1 x a day in the morning seems to work out well. I started feeding zeus 1 x a day when he turned 6 months and he is just fine with it :) makes it easier to have both dogs on the same schedule.
I feed mine 3x a day. Very little each time. Breakfast is the main one.
I would recommend feeding him twice a day. I'm sure some dogs do just fine being fed once a day but 24 hours is a long time to go without food in my opinion. Both of my guys tend to get the pukies from an empty stomach if I'm really late with their breakfast on the weekends, I can't imagine making them go all day with one meal.
Most breeders used to feed adult dogs once a day before Bloat became a problem.  Although the cause of Bloat was not known, research seemed to indicate that dogs fed twice a day had a smaller chance of developing the deadly condition.  It was then that most breeders switched to twice a day feedings.  The time of the feedings is not as important as spacing them out.  Once a day feeding means the dog eats ALL his food in one sitting, feeding a dog more food that he will immediately eat, so that it remains available during the day is similar to "free feeding" (where food is always available, at least during the day, and quantities are unlimited). This is an option that works well for many people and for many dogs.  Studies on free feeding suggest that males rarely overeat, once used to the system, while females are more prone to getting fat.
You could always use an automatic timer feeding dish.


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