I have a 9 month old corgi and am considering getting a chihuahua. I have done alot of reading that chihuahuas arent good with any breed but chihuahua. I was wondering if this is true or if they are properly socialized if they can get along. Thanks for any input I can get.

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Hi Rachel, Mocha grew up with a Chihuahua during the first 6 months of his life. It really depends on: 1. The Chihuahua's personality 2. The owner's skill level 3. The existing corgi and owner's relationship.

Some corgis enjoy being the only dog in the house, some corgis enjoy having company. In this economy, plan your finance well, make sure you and your family have 6 months worth of savings in the bank for emergency. Remember your first year of dog ownership is going to be at least 2K, so you will be paying more in food, monthly rx and vet visits. Plan your social life ahead, it'll cost you more to dog sit, 2X the hotel pet fee...etc.

In my opinion, it'll be beneficial for you to go and meet with chihuahua owners, ask all the questions, bring your corgi and setup play dates. It'll be nice to dog sit at least for a weekend. Observe Skye's reaction and listen to your family, always make a logical unanimous decision together. Take your time, there's always opportunities in the future. Good luck!
I agree with Sam on this one. It is not really a question of do corgis get along with chihuahuas (or visa versa) but depends more on the personality of each individual dog. The question rather is does your dog get along with other dogs - specifically the chihuahua you are considering, and how does said chihuahua feel about other dogs. Its not really a breed thing, its a personality issue. I would recommend googling articles on introducing a second dog into your household, or even reading through some of the discussions on this site regarding introduction of another dog; I know I've seen lots of them come up. Good luck!!
I have a chihuahua (she is actually my brother's but I got her as a puppy and we lived together for 2 1/2 years) She is a great happy dog and gets along with many different breeds. She LOVES big dogs and is now living with a 65 pound wire-haired pointer and they love each other. Anyway, the issue with chihuahuas is people don't treat them like dogs and they ruin them. They just need to be socialized like you would any other dog and they are SO MUCH FUN!!!

@ Melissa....that is so cute!!!!!!!
Melissa is absolutely right - a chihuahua is as much a dog as your corgi. They are very often ruined. That will doom any dog interactions. Do not carry the dog! It is just an urban legend that their feet will explode if they touch the ground :) Seriously, it puts them right in the strike zone of any dog who registers "that's not right, dog's don't belong there". It also puts the chihuahua in the position of guarding the owner. So the little dog is on high alert.

As Sam said, it's more about the dog's personality than the breed. But with this particular breed it is especially important to be aware of how you treat it. If you treat it like a baby, it will not get along with your dog.
I have two Corgis. My boyfriend has a long haired chi who is 10 years old. Cassie (the chi) has NEVER liked other dogs. My BF adopted her from an elderly lady who could no longer take care of her. Cassie was totally a people dog. My Corgis are young and full of life (get the idea). Once he started bringing Cassie over, she hated it, but the more time she spends at my place, the easier it gets. Cinnamon (1 yr old) likes to herd Cassie. Nutmeg (2yrs old) likes to cuddle and lick Cassie. Cassie and Nutty get along great, but no so much with Cinny. I have to be ON THE SPOT for the first few minutes of greeting time, and they are never left alone in the house without being segregated. Cassie gets the family room, and my Corgis go in the kitchen as they always do when I leave the house. Cassie shows her teeth, but never bites, and my Corgis have never shown anything but love and afffection towards her. Now, to each other.... another story, but that is getting better too as the little one gets older.

OH...what a beauty Jacki!


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