Does Anyone Use Duralactin (natural anti-inflammatory) for Chronic Discomfort

Bertie Wooster has begun limping on his back right foot. I have a bad feeling he may have hip dysplasia -- he seems fine on walks, etc., but then after resting, has trouble putting weight on that leg. It's intermittent, too. Sigh. Anyway, I know the basic rule of care would be anti-inflammatories and some supplements, like fish oil, glucosamine, etc. My friend's vet has recommended Duralactin to her in the past as a "natural" anti-flam to use for chronic conditions. Anyone out there using it?

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I am having the same problem with Barkley, but I think he is too young to have this issue. My vet seems to think that he keeps re-injuring his leg, but I am not sure. Please let me know how it goes for you.
Are you sure he hasn't torn the cruciate ligament? It is the most common injury in dogs requiring surgery. Sparty has a partial tear and the sympton was occasional limping. We decided not to operate because my vet said dogs with shorter legs are not always great candidates for the surgery, arthritis had already set in, and Sparty would make a terrible patient. It has been about 4 years and he is fine. We try to limit his jumping and he gets very regular walks and is in great shape.(not overweight) If the condition persists yoy should see your vet.
I'm not at all sure what is causing the limping. I'm thinking it's not a torn/ruptured ligament, because he's fine when exercising, but after resting, he comes up lame. And it comes and goes. He's also been positive for Lyme and anaplasomosis in the past, which can also cause lameness in various limbs. So I don't know. I do plan to talk to the vet, but wanted to know more if anyone was using this alternative to anti-inflammatories, since so many of those drugs have rough side effects.

I will sure let you know what happens next, and thanks for the thoughts!

How old is Barkley? Bertie will be 5 next month.
Whatever is wrong with B, whether hip or knee, it is mild right now. I just don't like using Rimadyl for a long period of time because it has such bad side effects, so really am wondering if anyone out there uses this "natural" Duralactin with success?
Barkley just turned 3 this month. This limping is a come and go problem for him. For example, Monday he got up and was walking I gave him some asprin. Tuesday and Wednesday he is running around like a mad man and never limps. Thursday wakes up with a limp. The vet and I have felt around on his leg and he shows no response to any pain. I can't imagine him already having I am just as confused as you on this subject.
I know you wrote this a while ago, but seems that Chester is dealing with the same kind of thing, Ive heard too that Duralactin is a good option without the side effects..Chester is much better after 3 weeks of rest and previously on Rymadel but I too wanted to find somethign that we can use for the intermittent discomfort he is having.
We put Joey on Previcox last week and he hasn't limped since. Amazing drug that is prescription but you can order online for a dollar a day. Worth it.
Well, I started B on the duralactin on Sat and he has been so much better (also a glucosamine/chondroitin/msm supplement). So I'm going to keep him quiet this week (supposed to be a rainy week, which helps!) and see how it goes. But the first few days are so good, so far!
My friend, a Vet Tech also recommended this..have you used it yet? Do you see results? Chester is only 2 and diagnosed with hip displasia but my breeder doesnt agree..needless to say I am following the vets rec combined with the breeders suggestion for diet and hoping for the best..hes on Rymedal right now since he most recently wasnt able to put his rt leg down after a run. Hes getting better but I hope it worried he may need surgery some day.
Hi -- yes, he is vastly improved. I got a bottle of the Duralactin, and for about 3-4 weeks, gave him a pill twice a day, with breakfast and dinner, and then for the last 2 weeks, just gave him one in the morning. For the first 2-3 weeks, I also kept him very quiet -- short, flat walks on leash only (like around a half-mile track in the AM and PM), no fast running or off leash walkies, no jumping on/off furniture. He is now not limping at all and totally back to normal, maybe just a little bit stiff after running at top speed after Ethel and then resting, but hardly noticeable, really. So I've ordered a second bottle to have in case it acts up again. I also had the Rimadyl, but the side effects of long-term use of that really upset me, so that's why I tried the Duralactin. I don't have any kind of diagnosis, so don't know if it's his hip, his knee, or just a sprain -- but if it returns and we do have x-rays and follow up I'll keep you posted. For now, all seems to be okay again. Let me know if you also find Duralactin works for you!
Just saw this response..Thanks! I'm going to try this as my back up..good to hear hes better on Duralactin.
Yes, there's no limp at all now, and he's been going on long walkies and jumping off of stuff like a crazy boy. There's also a recent post from someone about whether or not their dog is arthritic -- and one of the responses was, if their weight is really kept down, those limping issues may also disappear, so we're working on that too (both ME and the dogs!). We all like our treats....


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