Does Anyone Use Duralactin (natural anti-inflammatory) for Chronic Discomfort

Bertie Wooster has begun limping on his back right foot. I have a bad feeling he may have hip dysplasia -- he seems fine on walks, etc., but then after resting, has trouble putting weight on that leg. It's intermittent, too. Sigh. Anyway, I know the basic rule of care would be anti-inflammatories and some supplements, like fish oil, glucosamine, etc. My friend's vet has recommended Duralactin to her in the past as a "natural" anti-flam to use for chronic conditions. Anyone out there using it?

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fingers crossed..we are just starting to see some improvement in Chester gait..although he turns that leg out a bit, he is putting weight on it again..seems more energetic and isnt hopping as much when he walks..Im sure down the road we will revist this problem and need surgery but if we can get him strong enough to enjoy being active again, maybe we can postpone it. Maybe the Vit E and Glucosomine is kicking in along with the anti inflammatory--wish us luck!
oh glad to here it! I think Bertie is still having occasional stiffness (he'll walk very slowly sometimes when we go on walks, so when he does, we keep the walk short), but no more limping. For now! We are just taking the glusosamine now, saving the Duralactin for times when he seems more troubled by it.
DONT USE PREVICOX!!! We thought it was great at first. 43 days later . . . Joey is showing side effects. Aggressive. Trouble sleeping. Yelping. Bad drug. We're switching natural.


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