Does your Corgi let you know when they need to go? My Toby is almost a year old and when I first got him at 10 weeks, he was potty trained in 2 weeks. Although I know most people swear by a crate, we never used one and he did just fine. We've even traveled with him and has never had an accident. We've always kept him on a schedule, which is why he doesn't have accidents,  but sometimes I'd like him to let me know (whine). I know some Corgi owners have used a bell by the door. How do you think I could train my dog to let me know he needs to go? any help is greatly appreciated!

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We trained Vesper to "shake" whenever she wants something, and also have her on a schedule. It helps us know when she's shaking to go out on the deck to bark at neighbors vs. when her water bowl needs filling, it's playtime, or it's time for a constitutional. :)

We have Milly on a schedule for morning and night. During the day my schedule varies and so do potty breaks but at 5 she is fines for hours. We got her at 18 weeks but the training was a breeze (after the first few days) and she was trained within 2 weeks. She only had the crate for a couple of months but we were working with her. If she did her business, she would be left out of the crate for an hour and gradually increased the time. I am not a fan of crates and knew that it was not something that we would have permanently. For us it was just a transition. Good luck! I miss those puppy days :)

Becca favors the stare, then will poke me with her nose if I am not paying attention. I also have her on a schedule because of work. She goes out more on the weekends, but I always take her out on her regular potty times as well. Well on the weekends 5:30 am moves to 7ish.

She was 8 months when I got her. She has had two accidents. The week I got her she came into the bathroom while I was in the shower. I didn't get out in time to get her outside. Then she had a bout of colitis. Both times were totally understandable.

Blackie will whine and drag her bum across the floor.  She's on a schedule now so she usually just whines when I get home from work to go outside to 'go'.  

Al starts muttering things like, "Nice carpet ya got dere in da livin' room.  Too bad if sumfin' were ta... happen to it..."

Gwynnie just sends us an email.

Ellie will only sit by the kitchen door when she needs to potty.  It's great when I'm in the kitchen or dining room and can see her.  It's not so great when I'm in the living room.  If she has to wait for too long, she just finds the nearest rug and relieves herself there.  :/  She also likes to hang out by the door when I'm cleaning or cooking, so I end up having to let her out a lot more than she needs just because I want to avoid a potential accident.

As a result, I've ordered some potty bells off of Etsy and will be training her to ring those when she needs to go out.  No doubt it'll take some time to work it out (the cat will probably think they're a fun toy and my daughters will, no doubt, want to ring them for fun), but I'm confident we'll be able to get her to signal for the potty.  :)


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