Booker can't resist sleeping at the bottom of the stairs every time he's sleepy. Even when I'm visiting someone else's house and bring him along, he always lays claim to stairs as his sleeping spot. Our trainer says it's just a thing corgis like to do; they want to know where people are all the time. Just curious if anyone else's Corgi is the same way!

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Yup, Max loves to sleep at the bottom of the stairs, either against the riser it's self or the closet door at the bottom of the stairs.  The 2 other spots he stakes out is in front of the front door or in front of the pantry door.  No one can leave, go upstairs or go in where the treats are without having to move him first.  Katie is content with the middle of the living room floor on her back...she knows I can't walk past a corgi belly without scratching it or under the kitchen table.  That way she is close to the pantry or the fridge door where the carrots are kept.

Aww, too cute :) Katie is smart about sleeping with the middle of the living room, I don't know many people that would be able to resist rubbing a corgi tummy once they walk by. 

Steph....the cats also know that kitty bellies are also irrestable and they do the same thing.

Wally loves to sleep in the stairs.   We have a 90 degree angle going up so he loves to sleep on those triangular widened steps.    It makes him about our chest height and he gets a good view of the outside by the front door window.   He will tend to keep an eye on the outdoors, mostly when the sun's coming down, but I beleive he loves hard surface, rather than soft ones for sleep.  


We bought him a nice fluffy pad = destroyed.    We got him a Kong mesh pad, which he loves in the crate but doesn't if he has a choice.    He sleeps with us upstairs and even with a couple of blankets on the floor he would rather be on hardwood..   :)

We have a landing on our stairs, not that big.  Our male Irish wolfhound loved to sleep on that landing.  A 125lb giant dog on a landing doesn't leave you much room to get by...especially if you are carrying something and can't see where you are going.

Noodles loves to sleep at the top of the steps. It is always fun having to make one giant leap up the steps in order to get up and over him safely. He doesn't move one bit, even if you make some kind of a sound. If one of us is upstairs and the other is downstairs, he will lay at the bottom of the steps. That way he can see both of us at the same time.

Murray sleeps about 4 steps up where it turns a little and is wider. I figured he was doing it to compensate for short legs, since he can see out the door and windows from there. Plus he can see when the cats are on the move and sniff them when they hop over him.

Brody and Lilly have the best of both worlds, at the top of the stairs right by the front door. That way they know where I am (usually upstairs) and DH is (usually down in the man cave) and can keep guard over any comings and goings, also that's the direct path to the kitchen so they know if anyone heads that way as well.

The same with Bo. He is a 1,5 y, and since we've moved to a house he used to sleep in front of our bedroom (we keep the door closed), by the stairs. In fact he loves to sleep where he can prop and stair are perfect for it. you can see some pictures of him doing this at 


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