I was watching Livvy today and I don't know if she was playing or trying to fish something out(there was nothing in the water) but she had her snout about 3/4 of the way in and I swear she was blowing bubbles or making some weird noise! She did this severals times. Does anyone elses dog do weird things in their water dish. I have a large stainless steel mixing bowl type water dish. She's done this in the past aslo......weirdo....

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Yup, Ein does that only when I put ice cubes in his water bowl. They're so silly!
I bought a water dish with a picture of a corgi on the bottom. For a while Sparty would try to bite the picture by sticking his nose in the water. Then he would back up and bark at it. Now that he is an old man of 10 he no longer does such silly stuff.
Bear does this when he sees a puddle in the yard, like a low spot after rain - he jumps in it and sticks his face in and then jumps out like something bit him - cracks me up!!!!
Sport does this all the time! I dont know why...lol. He looks like a lil submarine.
Yes Eddy puts his whole face and front feet in large water bowls at the park. That's why we have a tiny one at home!
My shepherd does this all the time. Silly boy.
Lance doesnt do this with his water dishes but did this in Lake Superior this summer. It was so cute!
Rhys does this, he will also dip his paw in as though he is checking how deep the water is.


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