Recently I got a new laptop fro work. I was upgrade from an old macbook to a macbook air. Becca never had a problem with my old laptop. She however does with the new one. She will sit near me with huge pupils and her ears at Yoda level whenever I use it. If she's in another room and I open the laptop she comes in and starts the stare. 

I downloaded a decibel meter onto my phone. It doesn't seem to be register anything odd. She is fine with me using my iPad, but I can't enter grades onto my iPad. 

Any suggestions? 

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Is it possible you are zoning out for longer periods with a new computer. I am asking because I went through a similar ritual with Sully when I got a new PC that I may have spent more time getting used to than I realized. Sully seemed to need to go out every time Ipicked up the laptop. She was fine once she got equal face time, but I know that level of demanding should not be encouraged. Regardless, we made it though with compromise. She adapted well after some initial increased attention.
I use my iPad as an ereader and will have it out for hours at a time. She doesn't react to it at all. She can be sleeping in a different room, I open the laptop and she's beside me staring within seconds. I've googled it trying to find out if it is a sound causing her problem. I haven't found anything current.

The laptop bothers her more than the cat, and she really dislikes the cat.
I would have suggested the Great God of Goggle, but now I am stumped. Hope you find answers soon!

What? That is truly strange.

Okay, let's try to get sane here. If this is real (and it appears to be, from what you say), then the computer must be making a sound that's inaudible to humans but audible to dogs.

The thing is provided by your employer? That's a problem. IMHO, you have the following options:

1. Ask your employer to replace it with a new model MacBook (come up with some excuse like the keyboard is too small for your bear-like paws or...or something!!!) (but better not say the dog is scared of it...there's a limit, after all);

2. Go somewhere else to work on the MB Air, such as a local library or coffee shop;

3. Pony up the cash to buy a new MacBook, have the Apple store clone the contents of the Air onto your new device, and go on about your business with the less said the better;

4. Get a fine new iMac, have the Apple store clone the contents (etc, and etc.); or

5. Just put up with the dog's annoyance...maybe she'll get over it. Someday.

If you paid for the thing, you just might get away with returning it to the Apple store and demanding something that doesn't make other members of your (human and canine) family crazy, especially if you charged it on a credit card.

I would try basic reconditioning first.   Sometimes get it out, turn it on, open it up, then immediately turn it off and do something else.  Sometimes turn it on right before you feed her.  Or right before you walk her.  Sometimes turn it on before bed and then turn it off.  Sometimes use it normally.  Sometimes have it on for a half hour while you watch tv. And so on.  See if you can break her association with opening it, and whatever it is she has decided she doesn't like about it. 

 Speaking of "reconditioning," have you talked with the Apple Geniuses at your local Mac store? I wonder if something could be wrong with the device itself? Possibly a fan is emitting a high-pitched noise that the dog can hear but you can't? Maybe it can be adjusted?

They'll think you're crazy, o'course...but they see everything. Can't hurt to ask. Try making a video of the dog's behavior, which you can do with the iPad or with the MacBook Air, so you can show it to them.

I like this idea. If it works with the dreaded nail clippers it may work with the laptop. I am curious about the trigger, but I guess it will remain a mystery.

My husband says there may be some high frequency sound from something vibrating inside the computer that the dog may be hearing and that would not register on your decibel meter.  You would not hear it, but her Yoda ears can...  He says it all points to ultrasound.  If she has been trained to come to a sound (like a whistle for example) the ultrasound could emit the same, or a similar enough pattern, although at different frequency and the dog would react to that.  Interesting. 

Any solutions yet? So curious about this one.
No solutions yet. I can use my iPad all day. When I take out the laptop it's still s different story. I've been trying not to use it at home. I don't want to be causing her discomfort. It's getting hard to keep up without entering grades at home. If I use it in the bedroom she sits just outside the baby gate with the same look.

I've googled the problem and asked around. Anna gave the best explanation so far.
Yeah, Anna usually has a good handle on doggie behavior I think. Any chance you could borrow or rent a similar model to see if there is a model that works for your pup? I was wondering if there is something defective in the one you have that the only your dog can hear. I am not sure why it is hard to enter grades in your IPad, but I got a keyboard to add to the on screen keyboard in my IPad which offers some additional screen space on the IPad if that helps. It attaches by magnet and works on Bluetooth. I hope you find some solutions soon.

Ditto! I wonder if there's something wrong with the device. Do you have a friend with a MB Air who could bring it over and turn it on? If two units have the same effect, you'll know it's not a defect in your machine. If the dog doesn't react to a different Air, you'll at least have something to go on when arguing with the "Geniuses."


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