Recently I got a new laptop fro work. I was upgrade from an old macbook to a macbook air. Becca never had a problem with my old laptop. She however does with the new one. She will sit near me with huge pupils and her ears at Yoda level whenever I use it. If she's in another room and I open the laptop she comes in and starts the stare. 

I downloaded a decibel meter onto my phone. It doesn't seem to be register anything odd. She is fine with me using my iPad, but I can't enter grades onto my iPad. 

Any suggestions? 

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Start surreptitiously flicking dog treats off the laptop.

What an idea!  I'll bet if I do that, I can even get them to like the vacum cleaner!

Update: Last week a couple of friends and I took our dogs to a pet psychic. Becca had a lot to say lol. I asked about the laptop. She said it makes an ultra sonic noise that messes with both of us. There's not much to do that will make it better. I've been using the laptop in the bedroom when I have to use it. She still doesn't like it but it gives her a bit more distance.


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