Because I can't stop laughing at this picture of Woz and Newton dressed up for Easter, I had to share this with the MyCorgi community.

Newton is a bee (black tutu with gold ribbons) and Woz (hamming it up) is the freakishly large flower. 

We rewarded them with a massive Easter Egg hunt afterwards. Woz tells me it was a decent trade even if he gets ridiculed at the dog park. Newton would prefer we never mention this. Ever. 

Anyone else humiliate their dogs for Easter? Post some pictures if you got 'em!

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Oh my gosh...I LOL'd!


LOL!!  Nice picture!

I tried very hard to capture some humiliation for posterity for they were having none of it!

Too funny and cute! Thanks for sharing

That picture was pretty darn cute!  Luckily corgis have a really great sense of humor!



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