This is an ad that was sent to me via mountainhome freecycle.

We're looking for a new forever home for our one year old pup, Kaipo. He's had all his shots and does great with other dogs and older kids. He's a sweetheart and super smart...highly motivated by praise when training...we just haven't had the time to give him that he deserves.

He has toys and gear we'll send with him also.

His crate we're selling for small amount.

You can email me or call me 587-3454 =)



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I will comment just to keep this up near the top.  Good luck to this little dog!

Do we have any idea what kind of dog he is?

Is he a corgi? Red/white? Tri? Neutered? Can you get a picture maybe?

Hi Jenn, have you found a home for him yet? If no, could you please send some more details? Is he a corgi?  Thanks!

Tauna posted this from her freecycle group in Mountainhome Idaho:  here is the number that was left to call, although it doesn't include the area code.  Maybe you could find the area code by googling Idaho area codes. 

It says that an email can also be sent but no email address was left.  :( 

Hope you can at least able to call and find out, good luck! 


out of curiousity I googled Mountainhome Idaho and the area code is 208...

Is someone close finding out more about this? Posting to keep it mar the top.


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