Anyone tried to make a dog popsickle?

Loki loves eating ice cubes so I was thinking, if I had a fowl carcass or some standing roast bones, maybe I could make stock and freeze it for a sort of flavoured ice cube for him.

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My kids love ice cubes too, so I'd love to hear some great ideas for pupsickles!
Oh I bet they'd love that. I made some popsicles for Dax a while back that he loved. I took some plain nonfat yogurt and mixed in a little peanut butter (not too much) and froze them in some ice trays. He loved them! I need to make him some more, I just keep forgetting to pick up some yogurt.
That is another great idea, Thanks!
What about cooking some veggies--carrots, green beans, etc-- with some stock and then putting that in the blender. You could freeze in popsicle molds or other molds. I bet they would love that.
Last night at the grocery store I found some "doggy ice cream" and got it for my dogs (it was called Frosty Paws). Both liked it, and Lyla did fine, but Sky thew up last night and I think that's why. It was pretty unhealthy, but I figured it was kind of like people ice cream, unhealthy, but won't kill you to indugle occassionally. I did try the yogurt and PB idea today. I froze it just long enough to give it a kind of a soft yogurt texture and the dogs went crazy for it!!
Yeah I've found that the yogurt doesn't freeze solid, or maybe I just didn't leave it long enough, but Dax still loved it, especially since it's so hot around here, I give them to him outside as a special little treat (because they're pretty messy). Glad to hear your dogs liked it!

The fact that it does not freeze as hard is actually better for the teeth...

Daisy "Duke" enjoys beef and chicken broth, low salt, frozen in dixie cups. Just cut the paper away and yummy pupsickles!
pupsicles are fun, I have not done flavors with my dogs, but my friend has. I just froze wet dog food in some bones and made meatsicles for them. It was nice when the weather was hot and it kept them really busy.
On Everyday with Rachael Ray she has a recipe for doggy popsicles. She actually has a ton of recipes for your puppies!!
I forgot to say that it's the Everyday with Rachael Ray


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