I would call the doggie slumber party a success! Lance had his pug cousin Marcus over since Thursday and just left on Saturday afternoon. They had a great time playing. It was so nice that they could play and settle down once told to do so. They like to play rough it seems, but that could just be my interpertation. Boys will be boys I guess. Towards the end of the stay Marcus was a bit tired as he is used to sleeping the majority of his day away. :O I think I am going to have Marcus come over more often if it is possible, like maybe once a week.

It did concern me though that Marcus did not want to eat his kibble. I eventually got him to eat by putting his food on the floor with no bowl, something my sister started. He used to eat a food that came in bar form since he was a pup, so never had to eat out of a bowl!! He now eats kibble and seems a bit confused. I think that when he is over I am just going to cave to putting the food on the floor even though I dont want to. I am sooooo not used to eating problems since Lance devours his food the second he is allowed to eat.

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I love the pictures of the two of them!!!!! I bet they had a ball together!


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