What should be your response when a pup chooses to do one of her other tricks instead of the one you are asking for? Its beautiful, but not the right one.

Pooka is very smart and learns tricks well. She's currently 7 months.
She knows: sit, lie down, kisses, roll over, shake, speak, spin around, high five, jump up, fetch, drop it, play dead, walk-around-me
We're working on back-up and stand-up. (we are holding off on stand-up now cuz we don't want to hurt her back while she's still growing).

If they don't do the one you're asking, do you say "No/Uh-uh" (negative) cuz its not the one you asked for? Or do you say "good [trick-she-actually-did]".

Currently I've been doing the negative cuz she's such a pa-toot! She'll do all her favorite/easy tricks instead of the harder ones. But I worry that... then she'll think its bad to do that trick?

There was a while she hated to roll-over and she'd always spin around instead. Now she is great, and maybe it wasn't laziness, it was just needing to work on her understanding the words. When she doesn't know what words I'm saying, I think she does some random tricks cuz she really wants the treat.

That's the realization that kind've made me start thinking maybe I shouldn't be negative and I just don't know the proper way to handle this.

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I just continue waiting until she does the right trick, without a negative. I don't think a negative is bad though, she knows there's certain tricks and she's probably smart enough to think, "No? Wrong trick, let me try the next."
I have the same problem. Imagine my embarassment when we went to our first obedience class last night and when i'm trying to ask her to heel she's doing twirls and spins and rolling over and over and over. At least it was entertaining.
Same thing happened to me too. I don't know if this is the proper way to deal with it, but I just keep repeating the name of the trick that I want him to do and then reward.
Our trainer told us to say "uh-uh" then give the comand again for the trick you want the dog to do. Finn always tried to shake when he sees that we have a treat no matter what we're asking him to do. After one "uh-uh" and repeat of the command he gets it right. He just gets overly eager to get that treat. :)


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