Whether it is our door bell or one on the TV, Casey freaks out, barks and runs to the door. When he does not see anyone he runs around the house barking. I had to stop watching the game channel. Nothing but bells and buzzers.

Gotta love them..........

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We don't have a door bell so that doesn't bother Finnigan but knocking sure does. It can be a knock at the door, a knock on TV or even just one of us setting a drink on the table or doing something else that makes a knocking sound. He becomes very alert and barks nonstop. If it were actually someone at the door he would never stop barking. When we have a pizza delivered I pretty much have to have him in a body lock in the other room while my husband gets the door. I don't know how to break this behavior but it drives me insane. I was on the computer one day and someone knocked at the door so I pushed the keyboard in (it's on a platform that rolls in and out) and got up to get the door, Finnigan barking all the while. Ever since, when I push in the keyboard to get up, he starts barking and runs for the door. How did he come to associate the two when it only happened one time and yet he hasn't learned the meaning of "quiet" even after all the times we're told him "quiet" when he barks. I think he knows and just chooses to ignore us!
It is amazing how their ears are so keen to some noices but when it comes to hearing us they are selective. No matter what, I have to smile while typing this. Casey just turned 2 and he is the best!!!! My husband and I can not love him enough....
Yeah I curse all commercials that use doorbells...I assume the makers of those ads don't have dogs or they would know better that it is very annoying when all things are quiet while watching tv at night and mayhem begins because of a doorbell. I don't even react to the doorbells real or fake so not sure why he makes a fuss. Too funny...
Oh yes! Doorbells send everyone into a barking frenzy. I have never been successful at stopping this one. Now I just have them all go to the top of the stairs (I have a bi-level) so I can open the door in some semblance of order. They still bark but at least they are not hanging out the door while I answer it!
YES! Steve does the same thing. Not only does he do it at home but also when we're at other people's house......
Ella has a thing about door bells too. We had to unhook our door bell, and tv ones still drive her nuts. She will jump up and run to the door barking.


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