I have a two year old corgi, mousse. She's never liked having her feet touched, but I've noticed lately she's not been walking on one her back legs and her pads appear dry and cracked. I figure if it were me, I'd use aquaphor, but then again I wouldn't like it off my feet... Any ideas on how to take care of dry, cracked pads?

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Boy, I would call your vet. Problems with the pads should be treated very carefully. Could she have burned her feet on hot pavement?
When Ginny cracked one of her pads earlier this year, she just kept biting it, so what I did was, I put neosporin on it, then put gauze on that and wrapped it well with medical tape. Then I took a baby sock and put that over everything and then wrapped that with tape too to keep it on her foot. It drove her nuts and she kept trying to bit it off, so I put her in the e-collar. I changed it probably a few times a day, to make sure it was getting better. I figured if it got worse I'd take her to the vet, but the crack healed up in just a few days.


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