Hey, all!  Margo the 6 month-old Cardi is adjusting well!  She is attached at the hip to my Pem, who loves the company.  When I picked her up from the breeder, she explained that she was standing both ears up for awhile but one drooped again.  I haven't seen it stand once in the last four days.  It's very obvious she's still teething, especially her back molars because that's mainly where she does the chewing; does that have anything to do with her ear droop?  I've heard that constant chewing can weaken the ear muscles and that erupting teeth need a lot of calcium.  Is that true?  My Pem's ears were both up without any drooping at all by 4 months.  I've also heard that Cardi's ears just take longer because the ear leather is thicker/larger?  Would giving her calcium supplements help?  Any suggestions on that? I used to feed my Pem plain greek yogurt and I think that may have helped his one ear to pop up.  I can feel that her "up" ear has firm cartilage, the other is still pretty felt-y.  I'd rather not result to taping...

The first photo is Margo around 4/5 months taken by the breeder shortly before I picked her up.  The second photo was just snapped now and she is exactly 6 months now to the day.


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UPDATE!  Margo is now exactly 11 months and her ears are FINALLY standing on their own.  Took her almost a YEAR!  It's still not 100%, but she's still growing (she weighs more than my male Pem who is nearly 2 years now and he's 33lbs), so I think they will firm up a little more before she reaches adulthood.  I did tape her ear on-and-off for a few weeks, but it was pretty inconsistent because she was so skilled at getting the tape off.  They are not as perky and erect as my Pem's, but they are definitely bigger and heavier than his.

Here's a pic of Margo the other day from the backseat saying "Can I ride up front with you?  I don't like this seat cover."  :) (Don't worry, I was parked when I snapped the photo!)

Good grief! That dog DEFINES cuteness!

That's amazing and awesome, too, that her ears came up after so long.


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