I just finished making the bar jump and jump cups from this web site. It was so easy. Becca is young so having it be adjustable to really low is a good thing. Next paycheck I am going to get the pvc for the hoop jump. 

Now I need to find some collapsible leaf bags to use for tunnels. You just cut the bottoms out for a short tunnel.

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I don't remember where I heard it or read it, but if you get a kids tunnel at ToysRUs, they're like $16 and absolutely perfect for an agility tunnel. I haven't started assembling any agility stuff, but when I do, I'm most likely going to go that route for the tunnel. During our puppy obedience classes, Maya was surprisingly attracted to the tunnel. She was extremely skiddish as a pup, so it was a surprise to see her exploring it and then successfully navigating it; definitely looking for a job early on. ;-) 

I got a kids toy tunnel at Kohls for like $20 during a sale I think. Tomato stakes make good weave poles too. :)

Good luck on making the tunnels and it wont be that hard. Send pictures or video when you are able to. Dino would like to see the outcome.

I love seeing a broad jump plan. Lilli enjoys the broad jump much more than the bar jumps, but we rarely have a chance to play with it. (We're in it for fun, not competition.)

foam pool noodle + duct tape + rubber bands can make a tire that you can attach to an existing jump  :)

I saw a picture of one on ebay last night! I am going to the dollar store for pool noodles after work. I may have to make another jump, mine is 48in. wide. It may be too wide for the noodle setup.

Nice! How many jumps have you made? I started off with only one jump and now I have four. You can put a lot of fun drills together with only a few jumps. You can also make some great weave poles by sticking pvc pipes that have caps with nails in them into the grass. Good luck with your equipment making. That website is really helpful!


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