Easy Lesson, FYI: Animal Poison Control Hotline: 1-(800)-528-2423 $50 fee

Animal Poison Control Hotline: 1-(800)-528-2423 $50 fee [I did not call them].

My dogs or cat ate silica gel.
The silica gel granules found in those dessicant packs in various food packages are not toxic, according to what I've found on the web.
If an animal ingests an entire, intact packet, however, there might be a choking hazard.

The crime syndicate works like this: the cat jumps up on the kitchen counter and knocks things to the floor. Somebody scored bigtime when the plastic jar of freeze-dried salmon dog treats broke.
The dessicant was in a tiny plastic can. Fortunately, the gangsters bit it open rather than swallowing it whole.

MORAL OF STORY: You may think hazardous goodies like cooked bones, cut bones, pork chops, whatever are safely out-of-reach of your DOGS up on the kitchen counter -- but what if they have help from accomplices, like cats or kids?

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Thanks for sharing. When they get together they really make sure a mission gets done.
So glad everyone is OK, John!

I have witnessed this crime in progress myself. With 2 cats and three dogs ot does happen from time to time. I notice it is the younger cat that tries to do away with the dogs. The older one is probably the mastermind, while the younger one carries out his nefarious plans!
The Sequel: I found an intact silica gel pack in Al's crate.
Putting a silica gel pack in the treat jar may help keep them dry, but it will also soak that silica packet in treat sauce.
From my own expirence don't call animal poison control they just want your money they don't care about your pet. It is better just to call your vet they wont charge you over the phone to give you a answer...that is what they went to school for to help animals.
Wow that is some teamwork between the cat and the corgi :) So glad they are okay tho!
I have my own crime syndicate story:

I have a cat that we use a squirt bottle to correct when she's being obnoxious. She's a smart kitty, and knows when she's doing something wrong, because she'll look over he shoulder to look and see if we're coming with the squirt bottle. Now, most of the time Caleb comes to work with me, follows me around wherever I go, and is otherwise my short, furry shadow. But sometimes *gasp* I do leave him at home like a common animal. I've learned not to leave anything on the coffee table, because he will occasionally express his displeasure by gnawing on a remote control or two. So, before I left that day, I scooped up all the remotes, and the kitty squirt bottle, from the coffee table and plopped everything on the kitchen table.

I came home to find the kitty squirt bottle in pieces on the floor, Caleb laying there next to it looking very accomplished and the cat sitting in the middle of the kitchen table with the most EVIL look I have ever seen on her furry face. Nothing else was in the floor. Just the kitty squirt bottle. Evil, EVIL I SAY! :-)


Thankfully squirt bottles are 99 cents at Target.


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