Billy wont stop eating poop.  Not his own poop but poop he finds outside.  Will this ever end, is it a puppy thing or is there something I need to do to stop this before it's too late? 

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Okay here is my tale of poop-eating.  Both of my corgis have done it. What is it with them!?  It is so disgusting, its like finding out that yours is the smelly one at school.  Parental anguish!  Anyway...with Twinkie, I hung around and watched her outside and ran out screaming everytime she did it.  It finally worked.  Now, as with second children, second corgis don't always get the benefit of energetic parenting.  I didn't really have time to watch him every minute in the yard.  I ended up taking some advice that, looking back on it, was probably not very good.  I kept the yard very clean (good advice) but I left a few offending piles and applied hot sauce liberally (not very good advice).  Poor guy got sick.  Really sick.  Vomiting and canon-butt sick.  I had a lot of messes to clean up  and no one was very happy about it.  I am a little hesitant to say that it did work.  That is our little story of a filthy, nasty habit.  Good luck!

Poop is a delicacy in the dog world!  Like seafood for humans.  :-)

I have cats, and if I'm not careful, the dogs regularly clean it out for me.  Makes me want to vomit, but it doesn't seem to hurt them any.  On walks, I've taught them the "leave it" command, so I can at least avoid unknown snacks if I'm quick enough.

I bought a litter box at Pet smart where the cat has to go through the roof of the box.  It is a very high box and Chloe can't make it :)

You should look into a training shock colar. There amazing. My mom used it for her pup who wouldn't listen. When they do something good it has a button that makes a pleasant sound for them doing good. Then there is a warning sound. Then the shock. It's really great.

I am strongly against shock collars on principle because I do not think that they are necessary for behaviours like coprophagia. However if you do choose to go this route, please invest in one that has a vibrate setting. Another thing to keep in mind is that your dog can become collar-wise, meaning that he will be on his best behaviour (or if he's sensitive, he may shut down) when the collar is on, but if you happen to take him for a walk without it, he may not be as responsive. Just something to think about!

I would never go that route. I appreciate the advise but there is better ways, I just need to learn them. Billy is very sensitive to negativity.

Remy only has a palate for Rabbit poop....not to worried about it! What's the worse thing a rabbit eats? Grass? Well he already eats his share of that too!



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