Billy wont stop eating poop.  Not his own poop but poop he finds outside.  Will this ever end, is it a puppy thing or is there something I need to do to stop this before it's too late? 

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I have to keep a gate in front of the laundry room where the litter box is, or it would be a buffet area. Outside Becca is better. When we were walking last week, we found coyote poo and she peed on it. Have you tried teaching the leave it command? When Becca is tempted by something I can now tell her to leave it. I would keep him on a leash outside until he understands it is off limits.

Both Dino and Coco would do that and it was cat pooh. Teach them the leave it command.

He doesn't even understand come yet :(. So leave it sounds almost impossible. Thanks for the tip I will work on that command.

I feel like I am ALWAYS yelling at him and he is going to hate me for it :(  I spent our whole time outside saying LEAVE IT! It's making me so sad to always be telling him NO!  I am getting very un patient and I know I can't let him sense that. 


Good to hear that "come" is even trickier, I just figured I had a dog that will never come. 

Luckily he can't reach into the cat box yet because I don't have a way to block it

I hate to say it but cat poop is like a gourmet treat to dogs. As much as I try to keep an eye on them they still seem to find it.

As gross as that is, I would rather him eat that than other dogs poop outside.  Who knows what bad stuff could be in it.


We had a cat when we got Wryn, she simply could not resist....I found a litter box with a top entrance...let me see if I can find a picture of it on Amazon


using this litter box, at least we were able to keep her from eating poo in the house....I think she's gotten hold of a bit of rabbit poo on a walk once in a while, but...well, hey, she's quick.   She's never, ever, eat other dog poo.  I think one of the things to do, is to show the dog that you don't like her paying too much attention to it.  Wryn knows this and pretty much ignores anything other than rabbit...she simply can't help herself  LOL!  Don't know what she would do if she ever caught one....don't want to find out! 

My cat is 15 and there is NO way he would put up with that box unfortunately.....I can't even have a lid on his because of the way he poops!

WOW  15?!  that's awesome!  yeh, probably not the best age to introduce a new box.  mine was about 8 or 10 when we got it...she wasn't happy, but quickly adjusted.

Yeah he is my baby, I have had him since he was born.  I need to start brain storming what I am going to do with the litter box situation.  I live in a small apartment there is no "other room" i can put it in.

can you put it in a larger box?  it wouldn't even have to be terribly high sided if the cat can't jump too high.    My corgi won't go over the sides of a box or a laundry basket, I don't know about yours?


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