Billy wont stop eating poop.  Not his own poop but poop he finds outside.  Will this ever end, is it a puppy thing or is there something I need to do to stop this before it's too late? 

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It is a very high sided box luckily!  As of now he can't reach but that will end soon.  Only time will tell I guess, I will have to figure something out when/if the time comes.

This is very instinctive behavior as it is how the mommy keeps the puppies nest clean. Most dogs will lose this on their own but if your's is persisting I would start training the "leave it" by staying with him and saying no and pulling him away when he shows too much interest in a poo. This is a important behavior to stop due to the illnesses that can result. Also, make sure that cat litter is in an area that the dog is unable to reach.

Unfortunately I don't think it's just a puppy thing. I know plenty of adult dogs (corgis and others) who love eating poop, especially cat poop. My 3 year old corgi loves it---cat and dog poop. She can't get to the cat box, but she'll go after it if she finds it outside. I'm pretty vigilant on our walks together and am usually able to stop her before she gets it. Just work on that leave it command!

Definitely work on the leave it command. I wouldn't rely on him growing out of it as many dogs do not.

Hi Brooke - I'm looking for help on this very subject. Biskit is almost 2 years and this has just started. He's eating the poop from my older dog when they are out in the yard, and inside he won't leave  her alone (especially following her around sniffing her butt).  He doesn't bother our other female dog or eat any other poop. I'm frustrated because this just started. And since he is almost 2, I can't just chalk it up to a puppy thing.

Any suggestions out there on why he may be doing this?

Victoria Stillwell says to feed them pineapple and that is supposed to make it just awful.

They're corgis.  They eat sh!t.  Get used to it.  Surround the catbox with land mines and razor wire.  Teach them to wipe the catbox litter crumbs off their whiskers before they kiss you on the lips.

Their behavior is normal, as is our disgust.

In our house, in polite company, we *never* ask what that stuff on Al's face is. We call him "dungface" behind his back.


Well he is still doing it and I have gotten over the disgust part, but it is making a walk impossible.  He wont walk because he has to eat all the poop around and unfortunatley in my neighborhood all the dog owners are RUDE and don't pick up their poop. 

Ours go through periods where they do. They used to LOVE it, like they would eat poop directly out of the bums of other dogs much to the owners disgust and my embarrassment. Not sure what it was. Mickey would run over to the pooping dog an just open his mouth and catch. Haha, those dogs make me laugh.  Now they do it sometimes, depends on the poop I guess. Some they will gobble up and some they just pee on and walk away. I do not worry in the winter but I get a bit nervous in the summer since worms and parasites can live in the warmth. This summer they did not eat poo unless it was wild wood poo, they avoided dog poo completely. 

Good luck, I know it can be so annoying. Try to find a route where there is no poo maybe? So annoying that other dog parents can be so rude, gives us all a bad name!

Cat poop is always a go though! Our litter boxes are up high now. We bought rubbermaid bins (the big storage ones) and put the boxes on top of there. Not sure how adventerous your corgi is but that keeps ours out.

My cat box is now surrounded by a wooden fence my boyfriend had to build.  Cat poop wouldnt worry me as much but I don't want him picking up some kind of disease.  It just makes walking him NOT desirable, I couldn't WAIT until he was finished with all his shots so that we could go on walks but now I dread them all!

Have you started classes yet? It will take some work, but he will learn to walk with you and begin to ignore distractions like poo. I can't emphasize how important class will be. It is also a great bonding experience.

Not yet, I wanted to start a LONG time ago but with all his health issues the shots were set way back, he is okay to go in 1.5 weeks..I CANT WAIT!  


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