So today is Luca's second day home. To get her to eat i had to sit beside her and watch her eat. the problem was eating too fast i think. 


She wasn't chewing her food completely and swallowed kibble bits whole. she promptly threw them back up. :[ I thought she was choking so it scared me.


how can i fix this? also she didn't eat much yesterday. I put 1/2 cup of food down yesterday and she didn't eat all of it. is it normal for puppies not to eat much?

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My corgi is still like that. I have to sit beside her for her to eat. I also have to put chickin both on her food for her to eat it.
teddy did the same thing as a pup. he would eat it so fast he wouldnt chew it. i would pour a little hot water on the kibble so it brings out the smell in it and it also would be so much on her tummy. what you can do for her to slow down is dont pour all the food in to the bowl, just little bits at a time so its not so hard on her tummy

she doesn't eat fast she just doesn't want to eat unless I am right beside her. It took me the longest time to find a dog food she would like. she is real funny about eating she can't have any destractions if she does she just stops eating. When we are at home I feed her right beside me and my chair. if I am out of town with her I have to go to a room with her and close the door. I have had a lot of problems with her eating from get go. But she is doing better now as she is 1yr and 4months old. Hopefully you corgi will not have to do all this stuff to eat.

My first corgi was a chow hound and would eat no matter what.So this puppy has been quiet a challege.

Luca is still adjusting if you have only had her 2 days.  Are you feeding her the same food that the Breeder used?
the breeder was feeding her Caliber dog food. I bought a bag of blue buffalo puppy formula a couple weeks ago. I'm short on money right now so i just started feeding the blue. she's doing fine with it. how much should i put down each time? is half a cup too much?
What does the bag say for how much to feed.  Every brand is different.

I am not feeding her the same dog food the breeder was using. After alot of trys she like Sience Diet light for 1 thru 5 years. The breeder had her on Beniful. I am sure your puppy will adjust since you have only had her for 2 days

I'm from the old school.  She'll eat when she's hungry!!  It may be that she doesn't have the other puppies to give her incentive to eat.  Better she eats too little than too much.  Mother Nature will let her know what she needs when she needs it.  She won't starve herself...I promise you!!  If she eats too fast, you can get one of those bowls with a hole in the middle- kind of looks like a Bundt cake pan.  It slows them down because they have to work to get it out of the bowl.  Try softening it too...that may help.  It may also be that she is working you...I've found that corgis are very smart, and very manipulative.  She may be testing you to see how far she can finagle you.  Put the food down for 10 minutes tops, then pick it up until next feeding time.  She'll get the hint very quickly that she better eat when you put it down, or it's gone until next time.  I've never met a dog that didn't like to eat.  I think she's playing given the short attention span at this age, why eat when there's better things to do?

Congrats on the new pup!  Feeding is definitely frustrating for some.  Use the feeding amount suggested on the bag.  Be consistent. Feed at the same time and use the same food.  If you keep changing her food, she might become picky and hold out for something better.  One thing my vet told me:  they will never go hungry :)  As pups, they are like kids who don't want to eat because they would rather be playing.  As she grows and matures, she will change and eat on a schedule.  


I had all the same issues with my little one!


I would put her in a crate or pen to feed her so she's not distracted.  Put the bowl down for 15 minutes and if she doesn't eat, pick it up and offer again in two hours or so.


Puppies can be overwhelmed when they change homes and go off their feed.  If she fasts completely for a day then I would add something to make it more tempting, since little pups can't go long without food.  But chances are it won't come to that.  If you make a big deal of it, you will make her think you agree with her that there is something alarming about the food and that can sometimes create a picky eater.  That's rarely a problem with Corgis, though.


She looks like she's still tiny so I might add a little bit of water to it ten minutes before you put it down to soften it.  

Thanks everybody for the feedback :] I will definitely try the warm water and see what happens.
If she develops the habit of gulping her food into adulthood, beware of choking hazards.  We lost a wonderful dog that way.


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