So today is Luca's second day home. To get her to eat i had to sit beside her and watch her eat. the problem was eating too fast i think. 


She wasn't chewing her food completely and swallowed kibble bits whole. she promptly threw them back up. :[ I thought she was choking so it scared me.


how can i fix this? also she didn't eat much yesterday. I put 1/2 cup of food down yesterday and she didn't eat all of it. is it normal for puppies not to eat much?

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When I got enzo he was exactly the same, except he would eat all his food in like 25 seconds and then run away and spit it up.   After I decided I was sick of cleaning up after him I bought one of those feeding dishes that limits the speed at which the dog can eat and it works great!  He really didn't like it at first but he got used to having to work a little harder for his food!  Another suggestion I got was to feed him completely through a busy ball but that would really slow her down!
Feed in a KONG or a Tricky Treat ball it will slow down the eating so we don't eat so we don't throw up Scarf and barf! Dogs only chew about 20% of the food so slow them down. It will help with digestion too! Plus we're making them work for the food and mental exercise. My dogs only eat out of toys
well she seems to be getting used to everything after her first week home. she hasn't scarfed and barfed since wednesday. :] i feed her 1/4 cup of food at 7 and 11. and treats periodically. so we're doing better! thanks everyone for the feedback. i appreciate it!

My puppy eats too fast too, so I bought her an Everlasting Fun Ball It's made of durable, chewable rubber. I just put her whole servings worth of dog food in it and put on a tile or concrete surface and she's off. I feed her Purina puppy food and the pieces of kibble fall out easily (usually 3 or 4 pieces at a time). She picked it up really quickly, cause she's very food motivated. So what used to be a 30 sec meal has now become a 5 minute meal. My only complaint about this product is that it doesn't open up, so you have to put the food or treats into the same holes they come out of. I think it takes me just as long to load it with food as it does for her to eat it. There are comparable balls out there that do open up, but they're made of plastic and are really noisy. Anyway, their are lots of products like this that will stimulate them mentally, while feeding them and keeping them from eating the food too quickly. You should check some out. They're all considerably cheaper on amazon than through the local pet store too.


Good luck, Heather

Hi all, when I got Ollie I spoke with my vet & his breeder... he started at 1 and 1/3 cups, 2x/day, and lots of treats for training. As he got bigger/older, the amount gradually decreased. He's now at adult portions of 1/2 cup 2x/day and treats for training. The treat portions should be about the size of your pinky nail... it's not a meal, it's a little treat. Ollie is fine with using a piece of kibble as a treat as well :) Keep in mind, the higher quality of food you feed the smaller the amount b/c it doesn't have fillers and/or corn in it and has a higher protein profile.

Science Diet isn't considered good food and upon reading into Blue Buffalo, I wasn't as thrilled with the ingredient list as other foods out there int he same prince range. We are on Wellness Puppy, and about to switch to Wellness Whitefish & Sweet potato... it comes out to about $20/mo for us which is great in my book and Ollie loves it! He is doing so well on it, the breeder noticed the benefits and actually decided to switch her dogs to it. A great website to figure out what you'd like to feed your lil one is I prefer to give a high quality kibble to maintain a proper weight and prevent health issues in the future. Now, instead of wetting his kibble, I put fish oil on it (you can buy it in a pump or the capsules.. we do capsules b/c it's less expensive -- about $4/mo) and his coat is so soft and shiny that people ask all the time what he's on! It's a trick I learned from my godmom who used to breed and show dogs.

When Ollie first came home, he took a couple of days to start eating well b/c of the new environment. Those days, I left the food out after wetting it for him with warm water. Dogs are survivors... they will eat when hungry so long as they are not sick. If you leave out the kibble, they will eat and it's more important that you monitor their water intake to keep them hydrated... esp as puppies and with our double coated fuzzballs. He also has a slow-down eating bowl and it works very well.

I should probably spend this much time on my own diet...
Do as others have said and put warm water in her food. If she doesn't eat it, pick it up, offer it again in about 1/2 hour. Don't let her train you so young to cater to her every whim about food/eating. Corgis are smart and will get you to do all kinds of crazy things to make them eat. You will create a VERY picky eater if you start adding yummy stuff to her food to get her to eat. Dogs won't starve themselves. Just put her in her crate with her food that has some warm water in it, if she doesn't eat after about 10-15 minutes pick up the food. Repeat a couple times, if she doesn't eat, then just pick up the food and offer again at lunch time. She will learn quickly if she doesn't eat when the food is offered, then she goes hungry. Also for gulpers you can put a heavy rock in their food that they have to eat around, or they make "go slow bowls" that will prevent them from eating too fast.


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